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Trumps Victory Breaking Through – Dylan Rodriguez


Trumps Victory Breaking Through

November 28, 2021 10:45 PM
Dylan Rodriguez

I had a dream about a year ago that didnt make sense to me until now.All I remember about the timing is this was shortly after Joe Bidens inauguration. I was very disheartened because God had given me personally a clear prophecy that Donald Trump would win the election (please note I am not pro trump I dont feel like God has told me he is truly good)

So I had a dream and in the dream I saw all the prophets and they were all expecting Trump to come back soon but then I saw that a longer amount of time than expected passed by and they were starting to feel confused and disheartened but still knew it was God but they didnt know what to think. Then I saw Washington as a backdrop and Trump and I saw a big dreidel come down from the sky and it exploded into gold light and i knew it was Trumps victory breaking through.

When I had this dream the dreidel part seemed to make no sense. I was discouraged about the ‘longer time passing by than expected’ part because I was eagerly waiting for this event for months and years I have waited for my breakthrough which I always felt would coincide with this or a major worldwide event. I didnt think it had to do with timing I guess because I didnt think it could possibly be a whole year away.

So I thought the dreidel might have some other meaning. God has been telling me through dreams and prophecy recently that december or tevet would be significant and that we wouldnt have a normal christmas this year. I have been wrong so many times about timing I always felt that God was pointing to a timeframe and felt so sure so many times over and over again crushing disappointment over and over I have been in unbearable trials nonstop for 8 years as Im sure you all can relate. It seems to get worse and worse but I know God sure is doing a work in me! I just can not bear another disappointment I think I will lose almost all faith in all the things He spoke to Me personally which these promises are the only thing that got me through this.

I am not sharing this to date set I am sharing because God is instructing me to now for the first time since Ive been watching for a time.

Please always take to the Lord in prayer.

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