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TRUMP’S FAKE DEATH – Robby Cousins
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March 14, 2022 11:03 PM
Robby Cousins

Received: Sunday March 13, 2022

A little Donald Trump vision this morning:

In this vision I wasn’t shown how; but Donald Trump returned back to the scene proclaiming to be president & true winner of the 2020 elections. His followers were excited as usual & much celebrations in the atmosphere.

The focal point of the vision though; was that Donald trump was decked out in a full white suit. All of a sudden there were explosions & subsequent reports all over the media that he had been assassinated.

A little interpretation: The full white represents a fake Donald Trump because Trump doesn’t usually wear full white suits. Any reports of a Trump assassination will be a fake one, however the media will not broadcast the truth as usual. This fake assassination will lead to much chaos & distraction on the land of USA causing the nation to become even more vulnerable to her enemies: (Russia/China etc.). It will basically be another ploy by the elites to bring down the global economy into a New World Order. The pandemic was the 1st major strategy to destabilise the world; now they have kick-started a war escalating tensions/inflation around the globe which will eventually lead us into famine.

Note: Be prepared & while it is called today get to know Jesus-Christ of Nazareth the true King of kings!!!✍️❤🚶🏿‍♂️


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