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Trump Will Be in Office- Keep Praying!/Battling in the Spiritual Realm for Trump: Vision #260 – Sharlene Reimer

Trump Will Be in Office- Keep Praying!/Battling in the Spiritual Realm for Trump

Vision #260 Dec 16/20 Wed evg

December 17, 2020 10:11 AM
Sharlene Reimer

I came into the gates with tears this evg. My heart was heavy and discouraged with the recent news. The enemy seems to be advancing and I was sinking- just like Peter walking on the waves because I had taken my focus off of Jesus and His promises regarding Trump. And as I sang songs of truth from my childhood, the tears of sadness became tears of peace and comfort. “My God is so BIG so STRONG and so MIGHTY there’s nothing my God cannot do!” Amen! (try singing it with the actions! Lol!) I came to proclaiming Ps 91 and experienced something incredible. As I was climbing my mtn, I noticed so many other warriors in their armour climbing up as well with me. In fact, we were helping each other up! I was excited to see it. When we got to the top, there were so many eagles flying around, I didn’t know which one was mine! That was quickly remedied as my eagle came right up to me so I jumped on. The sky was filled with warriors and my sword was drawn. I took a look at my sword and noticed beautiful gems in the hilt. I followed the flock as we were all going in the same direction. It was clear that there was an intended mission. I came upon a battle in progress. The demonic was battling the warriors and angels were involved as well. I noticed a huge semi circle wall of angelic hosts- an army ready on the periphery of the battle. I looked below me through the battle; like viewing something down a funnel, and at the bottom was President Trump. He was small but I could clearly see it was him. I asked Jesus if I could participate in the battle and gave me His approval. So I engaged and stabbed a type of serpent and its head reared up screaming and hissing. I was joined by other angels. I didn’t stay too long and returned to the white bench area.

I asked Jesus about the battle. There is a war raging in the spiritual realm for Trump. I asked about the hosts of angels that were ready but were not engaged in the battle. I understood that they were waiting for the prayers of the saints. I understood the battle is not over regarding Trump. Believers, now is not the time to give up praying for him. Press in and keep it up as God is not finished. Believe and do not doubt! Thank you Lord Jesus!

I went down the staircase and greeted my greeter group at the bottom. They approached me with such enthusiasm and encouragement. I heard one of them say: “Believe and do not doubt!” My perspective was watching me walk with them to the vision area where there were many already gathered waiting to view the vision. I looked up. It opened up to Biden standing on a stage in front of a podium speaking; addressing a crowd. Then he lowered his head, turned to his right and exited the stage. He went down some stairs and got into the back seat of a black car that was waiting for him near the steps. There was just one car and he was the only passenger. I looked back at the podium and saw President Trump get up and stand in front of the podium. He raised his right arm as if in victory and I heard him say “Let’s make America great!”

I am relieved to see this timely and encouraging vision. I asked Jesus if Biden concedes the win? And He replied: “Yes, daughter.” Well PTL! Jesus reminded me of Ps 146:3&5 “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings who cannot save. Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.” I was hoping that God would use the Supreme Court and show up then. But God reminded me of Lazarus: remember he was dead 4 days before Jesus performed the miracle. This was to show the people that there was no doubt that it was all God who raised Lazarus and that in this He would be glorified. God’s timing is perfect. Keep pressing in and praying and watch and see what God will do!

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