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Trump taken out | Demons | Satan’s workers working overtime – Cassandra B

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Trump taken out | Demons | Satan’s workers working overtime

[3 Dreams]

September 29, 2020 5:00 PM
Cassandra B

On September 18th, I was fasting I took a short nap before my fast was over I asked the Lord what was to come I had a dream me and my sister were many hours away from home and in the dream the president had been taken out, we discussed amongst each other whether it was safe to drive home and decided and said to each other ‘if we drive home they will attack us as we are driving through the cities’ so we decided to stay where we were at. It was a very terrible empty feeling in that dream to experience what had occurred. I believe this will happen and also I believe God will have his people where they are meant to be in this scenario so please stay in prayer and in tune with the Lords voice.

Also I will share a vision I have seen recently of demons flying around trying to break into peoples homes to possess people whom they can. The spiritual meaning these demons will break into homes of which did not get their houses in order and are seeking to possess whomever they can that is why we are seeing an increase in demonic heinous crimes these demons come to kill steal and destroy the Lord warned get your houses in order!

I also had another dream a couple of nights ago of a man identifying me while praying walking on the streets he knew I was a Christian so he tried to put a spell on me to cause me to have boils, in Jesus name I spoke back toward him to ward it off and he was surprised it worked. So then he changed his method and tried to be nice to me and offer my son in the dream candy inside a Halloween plastic jackolantern for trick or treating in the dream I heard the Lord prompt me very seriously not to take it and I told him I do not celebrate Halloween and then he left.

The meaning of this dream is Satans workers are working overtime if we are not covered by the blood of Jesus and living in lukewarmness we will not be protected but if we stand firm in the Lord he will lead us in every step in which to take and his power and authority is greater than the evil of this world. Hallelujah!

In Jesus name we can ward of all attacks of the enemy stay in faith and in prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you! May God have mercy on all who are his in these final days! We have a righteous God and the world is in the palm of his hand. His will be done! Much love and blessings remember that we are all one in the body of Christ!


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