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Jun 14, 2019, 8:40 PM

Hey, its sister Anne Bussom here, from Brazil. So, I decided to share all the revelations that God gave me about the president of United States of America – Donald Trump – between 2018 and 2019.

In 2018, the very first vision that I can remember was a glimpse in – a really fast vision – of Trump’s face in a card burned. His face and all back behind it was burned. At first, I couldn’t understand. I was
in fear, surprised and distressed so I asked the Lord Jesus for a light. Then came to my mind, by the Holy Ghost, the image of those Illuminati cards! You know, those New Word Order game!? The elite
usually uses entertainment and culture to warn us and send some messages – without our knowledge or the knowledge of the most, of course. The
interpretation of this vision: Trump will be removed. Even dying or both of. I received confirmation about it through the Lord Jesus days ago, in this year. But keep in mind: HE. WILL. BE. REMOVED. The Lord
Jesus has spoken.

Anne Bussom – Brasília-Brazil.

Card game mentioned below

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  1. sophie

    Yes sister, Trump is going to be removed and I believe both visions/revelations you had. Come visit us on and I will post this there. I just had a new word today and please go read and share

    Obama (aka son of perdition) will be returning very soon.

    Bless you

  2. G J. Peppers

    Christians do not believe President Trump can make America great, we believe Jesus can use him to bring the change we need, as we know our Father uses sinners. Trump Is exposing the corruption in our government. If people would stop and listen to our President his ideas are the same as Obamas, Clintons & the Bushes, who all of them sold the US out to many foreign countries. There’s an evil sickness in them, pray for them. Look how both parties are acting just because they don’t like POTUS?, that’s not reasonable. Spending tax $$’s in ridiculous amounts. Real Christians pray for their President, no matter who is in office, our leaders in all government branches. Americans have been taken advantage of for too long, we have been a whipping post for foreign countries & now we have someone who is not afraid to stand against those forces, unlike past presidents who never did. We have layers of evil sadistic corruption in government being exposed. We need our country back and stop making millionaires out of the people we send to DC to represent us, they work for the USA not the other way around. God will deal with them. Everybody has good in them unless they’ve sold their souls like so many have for gain which is useless, the illuminati, anyone with half a brain can see it.
    I really liked the teachings on this site, not so much the prohetics, I’ll stick to the word of God, that’s how he speaks. Please remove my credentials from this site. What I’ve read tonight disturbed the holy spirit in me and I. can no longer support this site. God bless you and I pray HE will lead you in the right direction.

  3. Carol Mattingly

    GJ Peppers. Sir, I know what you mean when you said your spirit does not bear witness with this. Mine does not either. It is the same with many on this site. I wonder that they don’t have any fear of the Lord, to speak things in His Name and say it is from Him and know that is not the case. Anyway, I leave all judgement to Him. However, just know that most true believers realize that there are some few true prophets that put their prophetic visions and dreams on this site and many more are just wannabes. As long as you realize that, you won’t let the false bother you. God bless you.

  4. Edmund Gornay

    Our Father will use Trump to sound his TRUMPETS!

  5. Ming

    We, the people of God, must continue praying for President Trump’s safety and Divine Protection, as instructed by God through the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy.

    Please pray.



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