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Trump/ Missiles /RAPTURE – GELZEL L

Trump/ Missiles /RAPTURE


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hello everyone I know I haven’t been on
here for a while actually I removed all
my videos I have my reasons I’m sorry
that I had to do that but I feel like
this is a dream that I really have to
share with you guys and it’s a very very
urgent listen to this dream and take it
to God and see what he will reveal to
you when you hear this dream okay god
bless you all
I prayed that the Lord art is with you
all and just be ready for whatever is
getting ready to happen to this earth
last night I had a dream actually I woke
up with this dream this morning I think
I had it around four o’clock this
morning I was up my door like I woke up
in the middle of the night it was
lightning and thunder it was really it
was a really really really bad storm
outside and I went towards my door and I
noticed that my door was unlock and it’s
weird cuz I don’t have a sliding door
both doors was unlock the back door was
unlocked and the other back door there
was like two back doors in the back one
towards my mom’s laundry and I matter of
fact I was at my mom’s house that’s what
I remember being it was at my mom’s
house like old house we used to live in
back in the days like I’m not sure I
know we would never go back to that
house but somehow I was dreaming that I
was in that house and both doors was on
lock a matter of fact the first back
door the handle was completely broken
and I was like I need to get somebody to
come and the next day and just fixed
this door and put some new locks on
there because the lock was broken as if
somebody came in the house like a
burglar or something and then the second
door the sliding door was just like
broken it won’t lock it just locked the
lock that lock handle was broken also it
sounds like oh my god both doors are
unlock like oh my gosh anybody can come
on here
and just robbed us so I felt like
somebody was already in the house and
all I did was open the sliding door and
immediately I was teleported somewhere
else I just woke up and and it’s crazy
because I was still in my nightgown and
I was somewhere else
and I end up with somebody I’m not sure
who this person was but I woke up
somewhere oh my god I remember where it
was to a matter of fact I think I
believe I was in Town Square New York
yes that’s where I was I was out there
in Town Square in New York and I was
like this place looks familiar
so I’m looking at this place and I’m
like how did I get here like what the
heck just happened how in the world did
I just get here I was one minute at my
house you know at my mom’s house or
whatever and the next minute I was I was
just quickly like teleported somewhere
else in the in the big city so I’m here
and I’m in this um I’m in this room
where there’s like bunch of clothes like
in this hotel I was in this hotel and a
bunch of people was like like get like
they were accident if you had like
tickets and stuff like that and I knew I
did not even belong there okay
everybody was like dressed all
businesslike and stuff like that and I’m
in my pyjama and this person next to me
wasn’t I can’t I don’t know how I can’t
remember if it was a woman next to me or
feels on man next to me but the thing is
I’ve never seen this person before but
yet I knew this person was like like we
were like best friends forever like I
knew this person like we were so tight I
don’t know like I recognized the person
in my dream but I woke up and I cannot
remember who this person was
it’s so weird
this person was also with me so and it
was a mirror next to us so I look into
the mirror and I had these writing these
weird old ancient writing in our
forehead and I was like where did we get
this like we both was like when did we
get this written in our head like we had
this writing in our head
it went from our ear all the way across
the other ear but like across the crop
like a like a rainbow from ear to ear
like that that that was how the writing
was and he covered our hair headline
from the from one ear to the other ear
and it was this weird old Hebrew looking
ancient looking writing in our forehead
and I’m like what does your said and it
had a number like there was a number at
the end of it and I can’t remember what
number I was but we both had numbers
written in our forehead with a writing
on it and I’m looking like what the heck
is this what is this well we got writing
in our forehead so we was putting our
clothes on and everything right so then
there was a change in room so we went
back there to go change our clothes and
wheels like why are we here what are we
doing here this was no weird joke sorry
about that but yeah so I’m looking at
this writing and both laugh for hitting
and I can see it through the mirror and
the reason why we looked in the mirror
was because you know I noticed this
person had a writing on her forehead she
was like I think it was a she I don’t
know if it was the Shearer it feels like
he I’m not I’m not sure but we both had
writings in our forehead and I was like
what do you have on your forehead and
kills like he she oh whatever
I don’t know I can’t remember the gender
of the person if it was a he or feels a
so I ask that person what what do you
have on your forehead you have something
on your forehead but first I was trying
to scrape
off like you know go like this scrapes
are you guys like I’m not gonna be on
yeah I’m not um put my face on here but
I was trying to scrape it off the
person’s face and it was like Oh what
are you doing I was like oh my god it’s
stuck it’s like you got one in your head
– that’s where we went and look at the
mirror that’s how we came to looking at
the mirror the mirrors right there it’s
weird it was like it wanted us to see us
so that I could remember my forehead
like that thing being there and it’s
like a writing that was stuck in mine it
was like a part of our skin like the
same complexion or whatever a little
just a tiny bit lighter you know so so
it was like oh my gosh this is crazy
so one minute we’re there and then the
next minute we’re putting on some
clothes to fit into the six the same
type of clothes these people were
wearing and everything it felt like we
we we were wearing clothes that was not
supposed to be the same as what
everybody else was wearing I don’t know
it just felt like I was in a pajama or
something like a wall white pajama or
whatever so I came back down and yeah
was so weird we both was wearing all
white pajamas I know it looked kind of
like robes or whatever but it was weird
how we got there it was like a blink
like a blank quick second how we got
there so quick we both remember being
home and bed laying down I was up you
know out and about looking through my
doors and stuff like that like a thief
done came in and just we just got there
sold the next second all we know is we
got we we’re in town square somewhere
and we’re looking and I don’t know why
we were put there but now I figured
while we were put there because
something big was supposed to happen so
we’re in town squaring everything and
I’m looking like okay this is crazy why
are we here okay
it was between Town Square or Hollywood
I’ve been to both these places I’m not
sure exactly which one but I know it was
a bunch of tall buildings around and
everybody was dressed in business suits
and it just felt like people is doing a
movies too like I heard a lot of action
action actually because back then I used
to do modelling and everything and I
remember they always had these casts and
all these clothing were like lined up
and everything like they’ll make you
pick out a bunch of weird clothing it
was a lot of fat I was on fashion show
okay because there was a lot of nice
clothes like model models would wear
these fashion clothes
I don’t know but was in the back of a
scene or something so it was like a mo
movie playing so okay I’m trying to
remember everything from scratch I just
woke up and I saw this dream and I’m
trying to remember everything I’m not
writing anything down I’m just telling
you exactly what I saw so bear with me
you guys so I’m watching all of this
right and then you will not believe who
came through the president came through
Donald Trump came through and we found
some clothes and we was putting it on
and everything it took us awhile to find
clothes that fit me because I was like
you know it was interesting because I
remember what size I was I was a size
five and pants and I was trying to put
on some pants it’s funny and I had this
sweater sweater on and I was like it’s
too hot to be putting this sweater on
and I remember saying that it was like a
sweater there and I was like it’s too
hot outside to be putting this sweater
on I don’t want to wear this sweater let
me put something some you know more more
suitable for this weather and I said let
me put these shorts on so listen to this
so Donald Trump came in like not came in
the place but like he was outside it was
like a big ol parade celebration it was
funny because it felt like they was like
making like like America song like da da
da da da da da da da da like it was like
America and type a celebration and I’m
thinking mmm what a celebration we were
about to have is it was at a birthday
party was it a and I’m saying oh wow so
it was like a celebration with fireworks
and all that stuff
and then he came out with a Oh like a
puppet was playing for his wife it was
so she he was giving her a gift or
whatever and a puppet was playing and
this big giant camel uhm kept cam ball
like you know those things they’re using
old ships like those bombs they use an
old ship he was he was um the thing was
making like a clown or whatever it was
making fun and it was blowing one of
those things out and he was like this is
what’s getting ready to happen um the
one like five four three two one mm boom
that thing went off and I was like oh I
get it I get it he’s about to blow up
something he’s a puppet in a missile at
something he’s he’s gonna blow up
something and then was like we gotta
stop him oh I don’t know why I said that
but I said he we have to stop Donald
Trump from what he’s about to do right
now so I’m like oh we’re here to stop
him and all of a sudden we became very
very let’s just say I stopped right
there he was about to blow up a country
and America was gonna be in danger
because of what he was about to do and
doubt when I saw a whole bunch of lights
went out the rapture had happened you
guys all the saints I said something
about all the saints have to be taken up
right now and then whatever he was about
to do they set up the rapture that’s why
I had to share this dream with you guys
that’s all I wanted to say and guys take
it to God and see what’s going on with
I’m not sure but he’s about to blow up
something that’s gonna set off the
rapture so god bless you guys and take


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