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Trump Killed, Obama Takes Over UN – Yahushua’ Servant

Trump Killed, Obama Takes Over UN

2020/01/23 at 3:36 PM
Yahushua’ Servant

I had a vivid dream today that felt to be prophetic. I was wondering if you could share it with your readers?

Here is what I saw:

The dream begins with me sitting in my own living room. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the sky and I go outside. I look up at the sky and I see a very large ginormous, flying very low, military like square spaceship. As it is approaching, I grab my cell phone and take a picture of it. Then I yell for my husband and frantically tell him, “Honey, look at this huge scary spaceship!”.

My husband is busy with something and by the time he arrives to look, the spaceship in the sky is gone. I’m frazzled and panicky, I heard another noise. Again from the one side of my house another two different style spaceships fly over in the same direction. The direction of the spaceships were coming from a place of a military area I knew about going towards Portland.

Suddenly I’m in the spirit suspended in the air above the podium inside the UN building. There are two men that come up to the podium. One of them I don’t know, next to him is Barack Obama. The man I don’t know, starts giving a speech while Obama shows snide smirk with his face. The Man speaking announces “Because Trump was killed, Obama will take over the leadership and plans for the UN assembly. This man a good plan to address the situation”.

Dream Ends

Time: 2020/01/23 at 3:36 PM

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  1. Franklin Revels

    OK. What will happen will happen.
    The first,main,important thing a person, all people need to do is Repent of sin=evil doing and go to Jesus The Redeemer and get Wash by His Blood, cleaned, Saved as of then and become a child of God. Repent, is for everyone,for only God is perfect and we also can and should pray for repent on behalf people and our USA too.
    Do not wait but start praying NOW, As you may have only one heart beat left and your judgement is than set forever.
    You be Saved or not Saved period.
    I feel so powerless seeing so many people going to the Lake of Fire forever and it should not be. GRRRRRRRRRRR sin is bad.
    You are Loved. Jesus want to the cross just for you, and you have no idea what pain and suffering He went though carry your sins on His sinless body so you would not have to pay forever for them. Call out, Cry out now to Jesus, He waiting for you right now and sees and hears all you do.
    Jesus is Lord,King,Savior, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero.

  2. Christwill Abdela Adjei

    This is indeed a prophetic vision the Lord gave you. It is highly possible this dream will be fulfilled shortly; many similar prophecies have come to people around the world, indicating that Trump will enlist for two (2) terms in the Presidency but will not complete his second term because something will happen.
    I strongly believe believers around the world must engage intercessory prayers for Trump as well as all believers around the world for God’s perfect will to be done in our lives.
    God bless you for sharing this dream!

  3. nancytrimble58

    Oh gosh, if you haven’t listened to it, listen to Bette Stevens’ ‘A Servants Heart’ latest video ‘An Important Message’ and she actually mentions in one of her recent visions of a man coming up to speak at a ‘podium’ in front of a group of assembled international leaders. Notice the word ‘podium’ specifically. This could be what she saw, although she didn’t see who the man was.

  4. Jerry Mason

    Good afternoon.
    I am not a “Never Trumper” or a Trump supporter.
    To me, he’s just another elected official in the Presidency.
    What I’d appreciate understanding is why is there such a concern for him?
    He shows himself to be immoral, unethical and greedy. These are his glow characteristics.
    I’m not out to disparage him.
    But, could someone please help me understand what makes him so important to some members of our Society.
    I might come to be a supporter of his if someone could help me understand.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Ambassador

    Trump is trying to protect our religious freedoms, nominating conservative judges to the Supreme Court, pro Israel, and for the first time in many years has Christian pastors in the White House praying and attended Pro Life rally just this week….to name a few reasons!

  6. PWS

    @Jerry Mason

    You won’t understand unless you will let go of your prejudices.

  7. Daniel Noah

    Jerry Mason: Trump? God has made it clear, through many prophets that Trump is a type of Jehu…actually appointed by God for this time period. The leaders of our country worship a type of Baal(sex ual freedom and money) in deeds. One example: Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery act of Jan. 1 1984. The State Dept. (AID=Aid to Industrial Development) Yes! An arm of the State Dept. in 1983, went to all type of trade shows in the USA, to convince American manufacturing to move their factories production to Mexico and any other slave labor market(south of the border) they could utilize, to destroy USA manufacturing. AID of State Dept. told the USA owners: #1 The USA companies could write off the move to cheap labor markets. #2 Write off the training of same. Why pay USA workers 10 dollars, to 15.00 dollars an hour(good wages in 1984), when you could get away with paying slave labor rates of 70 cents an hour! No OSHA. No insurance liabilities. No Social Security TAXES ! Only a handful of manufacturers in the USA win. The countries where the goods were produced, could also sell their goods to the USA w/o paying any tariffs, no import duties… the Luciferian cabal which run the USA behind the scenes, hate the USA, because of it’s Christians, and all that entails. Eliminate the middle class…but don’t boil the water too fast, lest the frogs/people revolt. Congress enacted over burdensome regulations and taxes on purpose, to grease the wheels. Jerry, this is 3D chess…the media spins a rudimentary checkers games nonsense. Congressman were bought off to enact the plan to deindustrialize USA. This ruined the tax base and initiated deficit spending. Present the necessity of the plan(move manufacturing) upon your heartstrings, then spin the actual workings of the plan, to de- industrialize the USA. There are many more examples… how about Bush initiating the Afghan & Iraq insanity. The Patriot Act… Twin Towers false flag… See Dr. Judy Wood/Billiard Ball Ball Example. You can have dustification of a bldg. or you can have pancaking of a bldg., but you absolutely cannot have both! In pancaking of the floors, kinetic energy is necessary for the pancaking… .explosive charges were pre-set. Nano- thermite(4,000 degrees) was utilized to compromise the steel. JPL jet fuel max burn rate:1,700 degrees. Melting point of steel:2,700 degrees. As a finishing touch, a directed energy weapon was also utilized, from a space based platform. No, it does not shine out , like in Star Wars. America is Revelation18! Trump’s no angel, but neither are you! Besides, people evolve, as Trump has…is he saved? Don’t know exactly. The great fear of the unsaved, is that Trump will appoint enough Supreme court justices to over-turn abortion/murder. How could the congress enable the 900,000,000, billion trade deficit. Trump is trying to correct this. Ukraine is about laundered $…….. billions USA money stolen, through State Dept. Romney, Bolton, Paul Ryan blackmailing senators to vote for impeachment or their previous acceptance of routinely plundered money from foreign aid will come to light… been going on for decades…. So, Jerry you see why no one wants any witnesses… Jesus can remove your Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump’s running a fine line here. If theses demonized people are backed into a corner, they will just take out Trump with a massive false flag….climate change is a lie being used to deindustrialize the world. This Passover,(2020) could initiate the 3 Days of Darkness -Firstfruits Rapture, followed by a small remnant staying back on earth for a 40 day soul harvest..to ascension… Daniel IHS

  8. Armando felix

    Brother Daniel Noah i concur with you.
    God bless you in Jesus name.
    peace of Christ.

  9. Margaret Blake

    I cannot say for certain, but I had an experience that has led me to think that Obama is The Beast (not the Antichrist). Here is a link to that experience. https://www.facebook.com/margaret.blake.1428/posts/1175993319268269

  10. David Mehew

    I didn’t like “Obama” from the first time I saw him. I wondered if people knew, but were faking it. I’ve often wondered what happened to him as a child. I understand his parents were involved in the dark occult, so he’s most likely a product of a ritual to create a demonically energized individual ..You should realize something very evil is on the way if God did not intervene.

  11. Jerry Mason

    Daniel and PWS….whoa brothers.
    I’m simply looking for understanding, not to be labeled as prejudice or having Derangement syndrome… that’s an unproductive means of winning me over; and I was looking to be won over.
    From the responses, the best I can gander is our President is giving people what they want… that’s SUPER!
    Trump has enabled a better economy and is addressing Christian values.Thats more than enough to enable my understanding. Thanks

  12. Daniel Noah

    Jerry Mason: King David took the wife of another man, then had Uriah killed, mafia style. Murder-adultery …all forgiven. Kingship maintained. A price paid by King David? Obviously, Yes. The mainstream media is controlled. Politics is at best a pragmatic acceptance. I care not what either party espouses…until, the point, where murder becomes part and parcel of your platform. The DEMONCATS MAIN FOCUS IS MAINTAINING ABORTION AT WILL!!! Nothing else matters, if you murder as a normal course of business—your daily routine. Trump will appoint Ginsberg’s replacement… this is what they fear. The Demoncats fear Barr and all he is going to reveal, how the demonized leadership in Dept. Justice and FBI, in an (treason) attempt to remove Trump. As noted before: The State Dept is up to their eyeballs in taking 20% off the top of foreign aid…has been doing so for decades. . Afghanistan – Opium/Lithium… PERIOD ! Iraq; Saddam was going to enforce…only gold for oil, didn’t trust the dollar anymore. O’bama murdered hundreds of innocent people in Libya(Gold for oil edict from Gaddafi)when he ordered 100 cruise missile strike against Libya. O’bama strike, ABSOLUTELY OK WITH MAINSTREAM MEDIA !!! State and O’bama wanted chaos In the middle east, with tribal factions at each others throats…order out of chaos(Hegelian Dialect) to push the need for the Antichrist/12th Mahdi)What the Illuminati overlords cherish is the China/Muslim control model, which, of course, they are immune from… JUST_US ! China took generational peasants off their land…sent them to work in factories at 70 cents an hour (the past 2 decades). Grouped the confiscated land into 20 acre tracts, which they(Chinese leadership) then sold to the elite in Europe and the USA for millions of dollars…these new Apple for example)workers were jumping out of the bldg. they were confined to. How about a 12hr work day-6 days a week. The workers live on cots, on site. Steve Jobs put up nets around (Apple) factories, too many suicides…bad optics. The argument was that the USA markets would have a double in price for their electronics if they paid living wages… This is what Trump is trying to thwart in the USA. The DEMONCATS are on board for windmills(kill millions of birds every year)and solar(panels,-chemical minefield) that all need to be subsidized. No matter…God has had enough of international sex-slave trade(open borders is part of this recruitment plan—pick out the nice one’s as they approach the USA–pays 10x’s what drugs make $$$$)must end. Both Rep./Dem are in on this payola…it’s ok, as it is just business. I’m sorry to say, but when the elite do bad… they excuse it as just business, it’s not personal. See movie, Denzel Washington’s Man On Fire. It’s the reason the elite are afraid of USA citizen’s owning guns…

  13. L. Shirley Harvey

    Mr. Mason, as a Negro woman who has gone through and seen many awful actions against Negroes here in America, I can tell you that Trump was not my choice nor was Hillary. But after being a believer in Yashuah for many years, I know that His choice may not be mine and I am cool with that. He knows more than I do. After a lot of prayer, I and my family voted for Trump. Trump knows most of these high politicians because they have asked him for money and he has asked them for favors. They don’t like him because he knows what the deals are and because he has worked with the crooks before. We must just trust that God knows what he is doing just as He did when He told the Israelites to go to Babylon under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar.

    I keep asking God why Negroes as a group, not African Americans (Obama was a real African American. Negroes in America are a mixture of many different races) are still treated like dirt here in America. There is a reason and there will be a solution because God is not a respecter of persons. But Negroes who really try to be hearers of God, knew immediately that Obama could be president, but that we should not have voted for him. There has always been a sneaky look of evil on his face. Many churches are ruled by the masons and exclusive fraternities which exist to control people and push them toward serving satan. This world is in great trouble and we have to be at the end of time. However, the treatment of Negroes in America must drastically change before we go up. Even Christians have not stated that this mistreatment is ongoing or that there is a reason to address it and act to solve this in America and across the world. Donald Trump continues to say that black unemployment is lower than ever. But we cannot quantify his comments. We cannot see the change and we have not felt it in our pockets. We have been left out so much that even if we have jobs, we are at the very end of the employment line with the lowest positions even if we have college degrees. God has got to shine a light on many of us who have been waiting for years to have our place in front like everyone else. Black History Month is not a substitute for equality.

  14. Jerry Mason

    I appreciate the responses.

    A few thoughts:

    I’m could care less about Obama, he’s old news.

    Trumps connection to events that occurred thousands of years ago in the Old Testament?…I’m not a history buff, so I’ll just take your word for it.

    I’ll just keep my new belief as simple as possible: Trump is what America needs right now.

    I thank you all (L. Shirley Harvey, Daniel Noah, David Mehew and Ambassador)
    for your insights. Really helpful!!

    Jerry Mason

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