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Trump is an imposter and is not from me – D.B.

Trump is an imposter and is not from me

April 15, 2020 6:21 AM

Prayed on 3/25/20 about Trump and what is going on and asked if he is a deception.


There is much going on that you can not see for Trump is an imposter and is not from me. For things have been planned long ago and what you see is all for show. The plan has always been to deceive my very own while sewing seeds of the Anti-Christ to be. In my word it says even the elect can be deceived unless they seek and abide in me. The political system was created by the enemy long ago to sew discord and divide the people from following me and being the country you were destined to be. I never wanted there to be different platforms or political parties only the rule of law in the land to be from the Great I Am and my mighty hand.

The Ten Commandments and my word is all that is needed to follow me as it was intended to be. So much corruption has filled the land and taken over hearts of man. They make rules and laws from selfish desires and not by my hand so now it’s time for shaking and destruction to come to your land. The hearts of many have grown cold and have been bought and sold. There are a remnant few that I have chosen to work through and have assigned them much to do.

REPENT America and turn from your wicked ways and get on your knees to pray and follow me. If you will turn and cry out to me mercy you will see. Time is very short and prophecies will play out for all things to come about. Prepare for what is coming in your spirit and heart for tribulation is about to start.

I know some look for an escape plan; however, you must be tested and remain true to me to become my bride to be. I will not forsake you or leave you alone for your strength will come from me and my glory others will see. Remain in me in all things you will see and I will lead you and protect you.



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