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Trump Dream with Interpretations – Jonathan Theiben

Trump Dream with Interpretations

May 15, 2019 4:05PM
Jonathan Theiben

Dream received May, 14 2019

Yesterday I had a very short dream.

The dream started with ALF, it was on TV similar to how you see a news reporter.  ALF said something in an alien language. In the next sence: I saw Donald Trumps head fly off his body and flipping though the air.

End of Dream

Woke up
Time unknown

I have no idea what this means.
I’ve never had a dream of Trump.
And I haven’t see ALF since I was a kid.

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Krystal Beall: Interpretation:

Alf is symbolic of an alien or someone or something foreign. The fact Alf was on TV and speaking an alien or foreign language is symbolic of being watched and heard… listened to the majority…the masses. Not being able to understand what is being said is symbolic of confusion, lack of understanding. GOD is not the author of confusion but of peace. To receive your information from an ” alien reporter” is deception. Seeing Trump’s head fly off through the air is symbolic of a fallen leader or king. The head symbolic of power…. leadership and authority… flying off is removal.. This shall be witnessed openly by many….and made known to all.

David Padilla: Interpretation:

Guys it is clear: aliens will be coming back and thus be trying to persuade people to follow Satan. As well, Trump will be removed from office and in replacement be the Antichrist

Trish Peirce: Interpretation:

A.L.F. – alien life form

Carla Gillespie: Interpretation:

Aliens are coming back on the scene and Trump will be taken off and replaced by the antichrist.

Ann Thea: Interpretation:

The news media are puppets much like Alf. They want Trumps authority (head) to be removed. This is the lame stream media’s puppets stating whatever they’re told to say. The media’s purpose is to remove President Trump from office.

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