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Trump/ Destruction of US in Ezekiel and Obama as Nebuchadnezzar/ Trump Belshazzar…How does it fit? – Jonathan Silver/Jeff Byerly

Trump/ Destruction of US in Ezekiel and Obama as Nebuchadnezzar/ Trump Belshazzar…How does it fit? – Jonathan Silver/Jeff Byerly

On 3/8/2018 444news posted

Brother Jeff shared on his site

Below is an email as result.

This was an email conversation I had with brother Jonathan Silver. I am posting it here unedited. I believe that this is a major revelation from the Lord. As always take it before Him yourself and see what He says about it. Love and Peace in Christ Jesus,

Jeff Byerly


This coversation took place between 9:24 and 10:35PM EST on 3-10-18

Jonathan Silver: “Hey Jeff, I was reading your article about the compilation of dreams and visions about Trump being killed (can be found here), and felt led to share what the Holy Spirit revealed to me a few months ago while I was studying the book of Ezekiel.

Yahweh revealed that everything His modern prophets have spoken about what is coming is already written in His word- it’s just been concealed all these years until His Spirit chooses to reveal it.

Many people do not believe that America is mentioned in prophecy, but it certainly is- only Yahweh chose to refer to America by the spiritual principalities and entities that have come to rule it during the end times.

The passage the Holy Spirit revealed to me was Ezekiel chapters 20 to 32.

I believe scripture confirms that Trump will be killed.

To help understand the prophecy, this is what I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed are the players described in the prophecy (during this fulfillment)

Israel = America. Israel refers to the northern kingdom- the house of Joseph/ Ephraim and Manasseh.
Just like the northern kingdom, America has turned away from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
While America is mainly composed of the lost tribes of Israel, spiritually it is also as Egypt.

Judah = modern nation of Israel, composed mostly of the Jews/ tribe of Judah.

Tyre = spiritually America, specifically the financial capital of New York City. (Ancient Tyre was the largest trading nation in the world, and their God was depicted as a bull. )

Prince of Tyre – I believe this refers to Donald Trump.

King of Tyre= Asatan

Egypt = spiritually America

King of Egypt – I believe this also refers to Donald Trump

Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon – Barack Obama, the last King of Babylon

Beginning in Ezekiel 20, Yahweh warns Ephraim/ America against their continued rebellion and idiolatry to Him.
In Ez 20:27-29, Notice that Yahweh names the high place of Ephraim/ America’s idiolatry as ‘Bamah’.

Yahweh appears to be poetically hinting that He will send America ‘lightning from the heights’ – Barack O’ Bamah as judgment for her rebellion and idolatry against her creator.
In the aftermath of the coming judgments, it appears that America will turn to Barack Obama for help, rather than to its creator, Yahweh.

Ezekiel 20:33-44 then prophecies how Yahweh will take the remnant of Israel out of all the nations they were scattered into, and bring them into the wilderness to meet with Him face to face. (This is also described in Revelation 12:13-16). This event has NOT happened yet, and confirms this passage of scripture is describing future events.

Yahweh continues by describing the treachery of both houses of Israel- Both Judah and Ephraim in Ezekiel chapter 23, and then prophecies a siege against Jerusalem/ Judah.

Ezekiel Chapter 25 then discusses Yahweh’s judgment upon Ammon, Moab, Edom, Teman, Dedan, and Philista (Jordan, the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians, and Saudi Arabia) because of their actions against His people.
This is also described in Psalms 83.

Ezekiel 26 then prophecies the destruction of Tyre/ New York City /the financial capital of America brought about by Obama/ Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon.
(Notice the similarities to Revelation 18)

Ezekiel26:7 prophecies that the King of Babylon (Obama) will come against Tyre, and Ezekiel 26:19 says that Yahweh will bring the deep up over the city of Tyre. So Ezekiel 26 describes an event in which the King of Babylon destroys the city of spiritual Tyre by bringing up the deep over her.

Ezekiel 27 is a lament for spiritual Tyre/NYC/America.

Ezekiel 28 I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed speaks about Donald Trump- the Prince of Tyre, who will die (verse 8-9)

Ezekiel 29 then refers to the destruction of all of America/ spiritual Egypt after the destruction of the financial capital, spiritually called Tyre.

Ezekiel 29:6-9 reveals that America/spiritual Egypt will be judged because of her betrayal of the nation of Israel.

Ezekiel 29:19-20 states that Nebuchadnezzar/Obama King of Babylon will be the one who destroys America/ spiritual Egypt.

Ezekiel 30 also states that it will be the King of Babylon who destroys the land of spiritual Egypt/ America.

Ezekiel 31 states that Pharaoh King of spiritual Egypt Who I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed is speaking of Donald Trump – will be slain.

Ezekiel 32 continues with a lament for spiritual Egypt and her king, and states that her destruction will occur at a time when ‘I will cover the heavens and make their stars dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud and the moon will not give its light. All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over you, and put darkness on your land, declares the Lord God.’ Ezekiel 32:7-8.

This ties the destruction of spiritual Egypt by the King of Babylon with the ‘Great and terrible Day of the Lord’ as one and the same event.

We are about to witness the greatest fulfillment of prophecy the world has ever seen.
It has been planned and written by the Father from the foundation of the world, and is about to commence.

Father, please let me be found worthy to escape all these things coming upon the earth, and to stand before the Son of Man!”

Jeff Byerly:”

Jonathan, thank you for sending me this. I just wondered what you are a thoughts are concerning this message that the Lord had given me a couple weeks back http://holyspiritwind.net/2018/02/20/i-tell-you-this-day-donald-trump-is-also-as-belshazzar-for-he-is-the-last-king-of-babylon-america/

I see in what you have written me that you say Barack Obama is as Nebuchadnezzar the last king of Babylon but Belshazzar was really the last king of Babylon. I must admit that I am a bit confused about this myself because I don’t know how it fits together. And the fact that the Lord has told me that Barack Obama will be the final Antichrist and that he will return to lead America to destruction.
Brother if the Lord gives you any insight into this could you please answer me back. I respect your opinion even if you do not agree 100% the way I heard things.
Love and peace always
Jeff Byerly”
Jonathan Silver:”Sure Jeff. Scripture perfectly agrees with your message (as it must if it came from Yahweh 🙂

Barack Obama is the last king of Babylon, not Nebuchadnezzar. Belshazzar as you stated was the last King of ancient Babylon.

However it is not Belshazzar who is a type of antichrist and whose life was prophetic of THE antichrists’ but Nebuchadnezzar who filled this role.

Nebuchadnezzar made a golden image of himself and caused all to worship it or be put to death. This was a prophetic foreshadow of the beast and his image – as were the 4 Hebrew boys who refused to bow to the image and were supernaturally protected by Yahshua Himself in the fire prophetic foreshadows of Yahweh’s remnant/144,000 who boldly refuse to submit to the beast and worship his image.

Nebuchadnezzar also loses his mind and literally becomes a beast for 7 years- another prophetic foreshadow of the antichrist beast who loses his mind for 7 years when Satan enters to possess him.
So when you read Nebuchadnezzar in prophecy, think spirit of antichrist.

Notice that the entity warring against Israel, spiritual Tyre and spiritual Egypt throughout Ezekiel is not Belshazzar, but Nebuchadnezzar- because it is the beast/ final king of Spiritual Babylon who it is describing. Aka Obama.

Trump is the prince of Tyre, king of Egypt, and yes is AS Belshazzar as the last king of the country called Babylon.

But Obama is the last king of the spiritual principality of Babylon and is the final antichrist/ Nebuchadnezzar.

This prophetic message from Maurice Sklar helps explain there are 6 different entities called Babylon.


Let me know if you’re still confused or if you’re following now. 🙂


Jeff Byerly: “Thanks for sharing! That explains it so perfectly! I knew there was a reason why the Holy Spirit was telling me to ask you that question because I wouldn’t ask it otherwise. Brother I want your permission just share this discussion and your revelation on Whistleblower Jeff tomorrow. You don’t know how joyful you have made me by explaining this!”
Jonathan Silver: “Sure. It’s Yahweh’s word, not mine. 🙂

Just like I’m sure there was a reason He prompted me to write that out and email it to you tonight, when it was about 4 months ago that He downloaded all that to me as I was reading Ezekiel.”

Jeff Byerly: “Awesome brother! Thank you so much!Yahweh bless You!



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