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Trump Assassination the last TRUMP – Bella Orsi

Trump Assassination the last TRUMP

Aug 18, 2019
Bella Orsi

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hi bells I came to talk about some
really important things that I wanted to
go over and I’ve been getting a lot of
confirmation about things through other
people and dreams that I’ve had that
they’ve come to confirm things with me
so it was a member of last year and I
believe it was March 2018 I did a video
about people that were planning Trump
assassination well that’s a warning from
a watchman that Trump you need to be
careful these people are gonna take you
out as a warning for Trump a lot of the
people here that are in the body of
Christ are dreaming about Trump being
assassinated and I have dreamed about it
had visions about it
where you were assassinated okay and it
was implied in the dreams that you were
assassinated that right after your
assassination there was civil war
everything broke out in this land of
United States and people started
attacking because of this assassination
after that a lot of us have been
dreaming about Obama coming into play
here out of chaos I myself had dreams
about it out of chaos Obama is gonna get
right in there with Hillary Clinton and
it’s almost gonna be like a dictatorship
to replace what’s going on I don’t know
how he’s gonna go about it but something
really bad is gonna happen
it’s all part of God’s plan I think what
he’s gonna do is use Trump as the last
Trump literally in the Bible and
revelations to bring everything in it
seems like after that when I had dreams
about it everything is just like a
domino effect from right after that
everything comes down Obama who is the
Antichrist and I’ve speaking very openly
about this how he is the Antichrist the
okay and the Pope is the false prophet a
lot of folks haven’t discerned that yet
and there’s a lot of folks who have but
he will come in to the situation and it
may get just terrible where the nation
will boo Trump like I said is the last
Trump in the nation mourns freedom’s
lost part of God’s plan there’s gonna be
looting financial collapse everything’s
gonna go down it’s gonna occur in World
War three some type of nuclear bombs
it’s just gonna be really bad you guys
Christian genocide cuz a bomb doesn’t
like Christians okay I remember before
Obama was ever present Americans loved
and wanted to help each other and the
Democrats wanted to protect America too
and then in 2014 Obama started his war
on cops and creating division through
race an immigration planting bad seed
sowing seeds to of dissension and chaos
along with destruction set see these
things is such a negative legacy for the
first black president George Orwell
wrote in a society based on lies telling
the truth becomes a revolutionary act
President Trump is brutally honest in my
opinion and it’s much needed I didn’t
vote for a choirboy I voted for a lion
patriots love the very bones of this man
the United States used to be based on
honest fundamentals as laid down by the
founding fathers and it’s been diluted
by an increasing liberal and progressive
mindset that is trying to destroy the
traditional Christian values
America it’s our duty to fight this and
for a lot of people they were gonna have
to pray about this want to pray against
these assassinations attempts because in
a lot of people’s dreams he’s going to
be assassinated
okay plus they’re doing already the the
left is already doing a brainwash in the
media for you know you know let’s let’s
assassinate Trump list killed they’re
like already preparing indoctrinating
new people and the media that’s how evil
they are – already absorb the fact that
you know and then you know program
people to actually kill the sitting
president by this propaganda and
brainwashing that’s taking place in the
media of today that’s why we’re we’re
living in a world of media deception and
the media is being used as a political
tool to that’s being weaponized and and
the government government I know we have
free speech but they need to do
something about this
as far as news regulating the news like
I think it has to do with this one bill
that Obama undid I think it might have
been called the Johnson bill I’m not
sure I got to look up in you know look
it up but there was a lot of things that
he overturned and I think that had a lot
to do with the media now as far as what
I was seeing in dreams and stuff and
visions like you know God talks in the
Bible acts 2:17 I asked the Holy Spirit
and a friend of mine confirmed as this
one scripture it was I can’t even I
don’t know if I can say this babaçu H a
B akku K to 3 in the Bible for the
vision is yet for an appointed time but
at the end its
speak and not lie though it Terry wait
for it because it will surely come and
it will not tarry so I thought that was
really interesting and went along now
what’s going on a lot a lot of the
people that are involved in these
deceptions propaganda brainwashing
orchestration maneuvering I mean it to
me it’s all witchcraft and we’re going
through a major spiritual warfare battle
if you you are involved with spiritual
warfare in your life you can see this
you know witchcraft has a lot to do with
illusion and deception how things people
perceive brainwashing orchestrating that
kind of stuff is straight-up witchcraft
okay and that’s what a lot of people are
seen and they just don’t discern this
I’m here to tell you like for example
you know there was some documents that
were hacked that exposed Soros Obama and
the UN refugee invasion Network and that
was revealed to us in 2016 that they
were all working and what they’re doing
is this and this is how I’m gonna
explain to you how this is witchcraft
sorrows’ Obama you in and you are
manufacturing a refugee migration crisis
it’s being maneuvered to overwhelm and
overburden our systems to make it
impossible for us to keep track but it’s
purposely being done okay and Obama is
orchestrating this as so as sorrows I
don’t know what the government is doing
this guy is a war criminal
Soros George Soros needs to be going to
jail clink clink because he is a war
criminal and he needs to be put in
prison okay for forever this guy is just
evil person okay anybody that is doing
these type things for fun it’s like a
chessboard game for him
needs to be you know this is a typical
German you know mentality from you know
the third right okay this person is a
very demonic person
and he needs to be prison put in prison
for life trying to brainwash people this
is not normal okay and what they’re
trying to do is make everything seem
like you know the oh it’s okay for
illegal aliens to come over the border
you know overboard in our system where
puts our ice agents in danger changing
definitions of what true words are I
mean it’s anything that tries to
brainwash people is and make it seem
like it’s normal is witchcraft okay it’s
like what the Bible talks about how what
evil is good and what good becomes evil
okay this is exactly we are living in
those times where all the stuff is being
twisted perverted maneuvered
orchestrated Soros is a criminal and he
is sowing seeds of dissension he you
know and another thing that the Holy
Spirit was talking to me about was a lot
of this California is cursed
okay there is a curse on California
right now there’s like sand fleas rats
rodents you know of the 12 billion rep
they say are just in LA okay this is
what I’m talking about that there’s
there’s a big plague of that I’m sorry
let me turn this down real quick the
other thing is um right now like when I
was talking about the curse the Holy
Spirit had revealed to me that there was
a curse in California with the fleas and
the rats and the Flies and also leprosy
in LA so LA and California right now is
being cursed and especially Los Angeles
with the homeless people and they said
just in Los Angeles when I was looking
at statistics it was 57,000 homeless
people no this is all part of the trying
to overwhelm our we’re like bankrupt
California okay and a lot of these
demonic people that are in power in
California are
just wicked wicked people that don’t
care about the homeless people and allow
this which it shouldn’t mean be
happening are we shouldn’t we should be
taking care of our own people
that’s in California and not worrying
about that legal so much but the
homeless the veterans the mentally ill
that are homeless and the families that
are homeless that have children that
live on the street well this should be a
priority for every state okay
it’s illegal to be here if you are not
an American citizen and I have a really
good debate about that let me hold on
one second I want to get this that I
wrote about some of the Scriptures
involved because I get a lot of people
well that’s not what Jesus and you’re
perverting the the scripture because you
know what God says to love everybody but
then sometimes as far as borders I have
did some research on that with the
scripture and I’ve come to a conclusion
that there is scripture regarding this
hold on once again sorry yes I’m still
looking for mine I wrote
huh where is it
illegal aliens I wrote a thing on it I’m
so sorry guys
oh you know what else I was gonna tell
you that my um the videos that I did in
2015 about some kind of plague it’s
called pestilence plague a pestilence
that is the other thing that’s coming
that actually is coming to pass about is
I was talking and that I didn’t know it
at the time but everything I was talking
about in that video
that’s the flesh-eating bacteria
including the part where I said that I
heard a woman’s voice in the dream and
it said the the water was contaminated
and that seems to be a source to is
something to do with the water so I have
a couple of things here it is
okay so illegal alien some Romans 13:1
through seven makes it abundantly clear
that God expects us to Bay the laws of
the government and that only exception
to this is when a lot of the government
forces us to disobey a command of God
and that’s acts 5:29 illegal immigration
is the breaking of a government law
there is nothing in Scripture that
contradicts the idea of a sovereign
nation having immigration laws therefore
it is rebellion against God to
unlawfully enter another country illegal
immigrants is a sin a lot of people were
asking me what I thought about that and
I just wanted to bring some clarity but
that is what I think okay I had also at
I had a green card when I came to United
States and I went through the whole
entire process before I came here went
through a few processes and finally
became an American citizen after 11 or
13 years I think it was and you know
even learned how to speak English you
guys so I just wanted to say that
anyways god bless you guys
just wanted to go over the hat with you
folks you have a great day okay bye




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