“Truly, your time is running out” – Susan Davis

Susan Davis

Message given by the LORD, to Susan on Friday, July 20, 2018

Children, your GOD wishes to speak to you: I am an All-consuming FIRE. I am stronger than any power there is. I hold everything together by the Power of MY Tongue. I am a Righteous GOD. There is nothing that gets by ME. MY Knowledge is beyond comprehension. All the minds of the world combined cannot match ME. You must relinquish your life to MY care. Only I am capable of keeping you safe from all the forces of evil. Until you commit wholly to ME, your life is in jeopardy. Only I can pull you free from the grasp of evil, from the desires of the flesh to handle the unclean. Only I hold the key to freedom. I am the ONE WHO can release you from curses and long-held generational strong-holds of evil. Your life was cursed at the start. All are born into sin. Only by a repentant heart, remorseful over past sin surrendered to MY Will and through salvation obtained on the cross can you be freed from life-long sin bondages. It is a choice of the heart. This freedom is available but timing is everything. If you wait too long, MY Salvation and your freedom may be out of your grasp. This is well-known by those who are in hell with no hope of escape. Wait too long and your decision against ME will be final. This is why I warn…this is why I plead. Truly, your time is running out. Why risk eternal sorrow to hold onto a dying world? So many have eternal regrets as hell is expanding daily. You need a savior. I AM that SAVIOR! Turn your life over to ME and let peace reign in your heart. I am the LORD WHO loves you!

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  1. David Lockett

    Amen and amen!!

  2. lonecar144

    Millennia from now to what purpose are souls still being tortured in hell?

    If there is no atonement, if there is no room for repentance, if there is no reprieve, then the only reason could be for the pleasure of a maniacal god.
    Just the stark contradiction of a God that is love and a eternal hell should show you that you are not “rightly dividing the word of truth”.
    God being sovereign would not allow eternal torture on any of his creation including a fallen angel. Which, as always, brings up another question;

    Why didn’t/doesn’t/wouldn’t satan read the bible (KJV) the way the world does and NOT do what is prophesied of him and make God and the bible a lie?
    It is impossible to believe that an angel of high order and his untold number of followers are too stupid to realize the simplicity of this ploy that would make God as fallible as man.

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