True Worship – Cheryl Adama

True Worship

Cheryl Adama

The worship I seek presents to Me a sweet smelling aroma that I take great pleasure in receiving – from true worshiping people.

Those who worship from a heart of self-seeking creates for Me a stench and is detestable to Me and I will have nothing to do with it.

Worship to Me by My people is not born of a self-seeking heart, a heart that seeks to find pleasure for pleasure. This is the kind of what is called worship among many who gather in My name. Those who are true worshipers seek to please Me, and in this they take pleasure. There is a great difference between the two. One I love, one I hate. Those who are self – seeking, are those who do things (for Me) like one does as a check list. They do it because it is a ‘rule’ and needs to be done. They often do things for me, with a heart that is far from Me. They do ‘good’ but their hearts remain evil. There are two agendas going on in these souls, one that seeks to do good, and one that seeks its own – which is rooted in evil. They are both fleshly, and will never enter my courts so I may receive their worship.

Those who are true worshipers, do not confer with their flesh but only in spirit of truth do they offer to Me what is due. Their hearts are in line with the Holy Spirit who indwells them – and do good, because it is pleasing for them and desire to do good – in My name. My people, who seek after Me in truth, worship Me in truth. What their words say, and sing – their hearts reveal. There is only one agenda, and that is to seek and serve their God – and in this they find their pleasure. Worship to Me is not songs that are sung one day of the week. There is no need for the music – to ‘lead’ anyone into the atmosphere of worship. How many are deceived by what is called worship today. Worship to Me is pure and true hearts, that seek Me in all they do and when they do this, they will take joy in honoring me with their lives. This is what I seek for, a people who do not live to please their fleshly lusts, who seek not to be soothed – but who will throw off their lusts and seek to please Me! How many would gather at the churches if they took away the entertainment ‘systems’ and all the fluff they have built so that each would be comfortable and pleased? Millions honor Me with their lips with great swelling words in song. There are ‘worship’ leaders and teams who have been raised up, as like a rock star – and are sought after – so they may lead in worship. This is according to man, this is man’s rendition of what is worship. For they draw men to themselves – they make names for themselves, where is this in what I would call worship? Nowhere, I would have none of it. Look into what has already been written, see how exact I am in what I will accept. I am the same today, I have not changed. I will not be brought down low, to the sensual and be worshiped according to how man seeks. Do not rely on the techniques that have been created – to ‘worship’ Me. If you do not sing and praise Me while you are alone, this is a good indicator of your heart for Me. If you do not seek Me on your own, to find Me – and seek how you may Love Me with all your heart – this is a good indicator if you are true to Me. If you have not yet come to the place where you have not laid down areas in your life that are full of fleshly lust – you are not true to Me. For to follow and seek Me, with all your heart – there is always a cost to your flesh. Your flesh must be cast off of you, that seeks to lust. If you can go and ‘worship’ – and still remain bound in sin, you are not true to Me. Worship Me in My Spirit and in Truth – is true worship and what I seek. To do anything other is detestable to Me and will be judged.

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