January 24, 2022 9:59 AM
Sgt. Carl

On November 25, 2021, I had a long and detailed dream and I feel an urgency to share it. This dream is about an event which we may see very soon in an unexpected way, but the LORD is WARNING IN ADVANCE so that when it happens, we can understand and have the knowledge from the Heavenly Father of what really happed behind the scenes. When you see this happen, you will hopefully know the truth about it, even when the media begins to say something else. Here is the dream and knowledge behind the scenes, and a Scripture.

Jeremiah 11:18 (KJV)
“And the Lord hath given me knowledge of it, and I know it: then thou shewedst me their doings.”

Part 1: Framed for something I didn’t do

I dreamt that I was in front of my house and there was an activity going on and there were many people around us. During this “party”, somebody fired a gunshot and killed a man who was a “trucker” (a person who drives trucks, usually with merchandise). I was shown a CCTV video footage of the incident. I saw myself with my dad exiting a room and a person in the room shot another person, and to me it was evident that I didn’t do anything. But some people began to frame me and spread a rumor that I had taken “my gun” and shot this man. I argued that the gun was not mine and that I didn’t bring any weapon to the party. After some time, even my own family members started accusing me because they believed the official story that everyone was talking about. The primary accusers were not policemen; they were the staff who were in charge of the party. Finally, after they took my case to the jury, I was clearly found innocent and they announced me free from any charges.

Part 2: Terror attack coming to Europe (most likely France, or less likely, the UK). Bomb attack. American killed, but there is a greater and sinister scheme…

After this, the scene changed and I saw myself on the roof of a one-story building in Europe. On the roof, I could see part of the street below, and on my right side, there was another identical building. There was a huge party going on in the city block that I was in, and there were neon lights everywhere and people drunk, laughing. Suddenly, I was able to see a man who was running towards the other building. The moment he reached the building and entered the doorway, he planted an explosive and he blew up in a huge explosion. The bomb made a fireball half the size of the other building and I saw that some shrapnel from the explosion flew directly towards a man who was behind me, and killed him instantly. The man behind me was a retired American truck driver. In this dream, I knew that he wasn’t any well known person, he was just an average guy who used to drive trucks in mainland USA delivering merchandise, but he was NOT famous at all.

After this event, I was given knowledge of some newspaper headlines of this attack, and the entire American media was venerating this man’s death, but in an EXAGGERATED WAY.

What I was seeing was the same reaction from the media when the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash two years ago, in 2020. I saw the media discussing this man’s death in such an overwhelming way, that my ears could not take it anymore. The news of the truck driver’s death was on all TV channels in the United States and on the newspapers everywhere! Hearing this topic over and over again was very annoying. (I can see now how America really worships human beings rather than God, and give them more importance that God Himself.)

As I experienced this, I was shown a video in the dream of an “interview” with the man who was going to replace this truck driver at his truck company. Because the dead truck driver had been a retired man, his company had to find a replacement, someone who could drive his truck now that he was dead. I was shown a female reporter on my right and a young man who was probably 24 years old, who was being interviewed. His name was “Whitney”. (Even in the dream, I doubted that this was his name, but I most surely remember it was.)

The reporter was asking him questions of how he felt about the victim’s death. Then Mr. Whitney responded and said: “Well, I give my condolences to the family who lost their loved one and I hope I can do a good job as a truck driver…” This young man had blueish-white hair and a pale blue Tshirt, (he looked like he was an effeminate “man”, and I disliked his prescence in the dream). As the interview went on, the LORD gave me the knowledge that: This man “Whitney” was the same person who planted the BOMB that killed the old truck driver; and also, that this reporter knew that he was the suspect but she LIED and said that they
didn’t know the suspect, and that they ‘had very little info as to who the suspect may have been’.”

The LORD was informing me that all of the interviews were a stage and that this man planted the bomb on purpose “to take the dead man’s place”. In this long dream, I knew that trucks and truck drivers had greater meaning. They might have represented things such as: the economy, the government, something related to international trade and a fight for control of a high position in the global trading industry. The only aspect of this dream which I know is literal and physical is that there WILL BE an attack on Europe via a BOMB ATTACK. It will take place most probably in France, but there is a small probability of it happening in the UK (the United Kingdom). So, I urge you guys to pray for the Saints of God in these countries so that they can be protected from this bomb attack. Now, I want you guys to please understand that I cannot pray against this event from happening. I know that the LORD will allow it, since it is in His divine plan to occur. He was simply letting me know that when I see this event happening, whenever that may be, I can understand what really happened and who are behind it. I also understand from the dream that this “attack” will be done to change a seat of power from one man (the dead trucker), to a new economic leader of some sort (the young man “Whitney”). And that is the end of these two parts of the dream.

About the third Part: for Japan only

There is a third part to this dream but the LORD hIas given me specific intructions not to share it in English, but in Japanese, since it deals with Japan. I will not share this part in English because the LORD is mad at America for cheating with Japan’s trade. The only thing I will share about this third part is that AMERICA IS STEALING JAPANESE MERCHANDISE IN AMERICAN TRADING CENTERS. In order to share this dream, the LORD instructed me the following:


This is what America did wrong: Proverbs 3:27-30

“Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

Say not unto thy neighbor (Japan), Go, and come again, and to morrow I will give; when thou (America) hast it by thee.

Devise not evil against thy neighbor (Japan), seeing he dwelleth securely by thee (America).

Strive not with a man (Japan) without cause, if he have done thee (America) NO HARM.”

I will share the Japanese message later (on the YT channel), as I have time to translate it. God bless!


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