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Triple California Earthquake – Catherine


Triple California Earthquake

Dec 15, 2019 11:58 PM


Dear brothers and ststers, I‘m still schocked by the short dream I had half an hour ago.

I‘m in Greece visiting my family and today the 16. of december 2019 about 7.00 in the morning (Greek time), I had a short dream:
My son was reading the News and he said to me: a triple earthquake happened in California….I said: what? I read in a prophetic website, that some people believe it will happen in the next weeks….and then I begun to weep!

I don‘t know what is a triple earthquake but I believe, my son said this word.
If this destruction comes, it will be like a stone that rolls from the mountain and takes others with him.
I feel so sad but something musst shake the world.
Please pray but go also out and warn people.
May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy and save the people, who are written in the book of life but are not yet saved.
Cry to Him, who sits on the throne.

With love, Catherine

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  1. Lee

    Can you tell me what prophetic website you follow Catherine. I’d like to also follow it. Thank you.

  2. Lee, I read the letter of John Shorey in this website and he wrote about a scientist, who warned that the earthquake could come in the next 2-6 weeks.
    Some hours later I had the dream.
    I think this website is one of the best, where you find a lot of dreams and visions of so many people.

  3. Trip the light fantastic.

    I had a dream about a year ago about an earthquake in San Diego. Bottom line, I was told in the dream about the earthquake “nothing is left and nobody is left.” In real life (no dream) I lived there for over 19 years because I was married to someone who loved that cesspool. I hated every minute of it because I constantly saw the rampant stench of gut-wrenching sin in that hole so when I read about CA getting slammed, and you ask me to “pray?” Fahgetaboutit.

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