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Tribulation is coming to wake up those who are asleep – Teri Henessey


Tribulation is coming to wake up those who are asleep

September 14, 2021 12:10 PM
Teri Henessey

Sept 14/21 10:55 AM

My daughter write My words,

We are at the starting point of the tribulation. Will My Bride be ready? Will My Bride, My Remnant be prepared for what comes? Evil abounds in this hour. A darkness that the world must see, must feel, to awaken. Ready yourselves, My people, My beloved flock, for the hour is upon this world. Tribulation is coming to wake up those who are asleep. My bride, My Remnant will bring home a harvest like no other in human history. My Remnant, My Soldiers, your hour is upon you. Seek Me with everything you are, as you will need to be completely clean before Me to receive your anointing, your gifts. This is your time to shine, beloved flock. Time to do miracles, signs and wonders that will turn even the blackest hearts to mush. This time is a gift from your Father. A necessary provision to wake up those who have departed and grown lukewarm. These will awaken with a new fire within and will have eyes and ears to see and hear of My great love and desire for them to be delivered, healed, and saved from the enemies kingdom, which is this dark world. You are almost there beloved flock, seek Me now to be strengthened, to be resilient and stand in righteousness, for that hour is now upon you. Ready your hearts, minds and spirits, for it comes.

ABBA Father

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