Trials are Normal for Children of The King – Sarah

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Trials are Normal for Children of The King

July 2, 2024 10:57 AM

Told to share as I intercede for the innocent who suffer, for the saints who are made as gold while being tried in fiery trials.


May this magnify God as Being Who He says He is. He will be with us and use everything for our good like He did with Joseph, for those who trust in Him and keep their eyes in Him NO MATTER WHAT.

Do not to feel sorry for me. God used what the enemy meant for harm to lead me in His Truth! Praise Him forever for He alone is worthy! Please do not be angry with my enemies, please pray for them. This is not to malign my accusers, but to expose how darkness works and how God IS TRUE. He will deliver those who call upon His Holy Name! He WILL use trials to help us die to SELF.

God told me to share this so you know to remain faithful to God and walk according to His righteousness, no matter the cost. We must EXPOSE DARKNESS AND THOSE WHO EMBRACE IT, NOT TOLERATE IT. TURN AWAY FROM THESE.

At a young age, I married a children’s pastor. 2 online classes in this denomination and you are a “Pastor”. He reveled in people’s worship of him because he called himself a pastor. He caused many of my, what I thought were, close friends to stumble and sin because they actually worshipped him and did not discern that he was causing them to SIN.

I saw his black eyes and the legions abiding in him as he loved to denigrate me. (My own mother had these legions also in her. Tell me, what Grandmother says “your daughter is a child of satan” (regarding my miracle child who is called by God to be a Samuel). What Grandmother says these things? And she goes to church RELIGIOUSLY. Those who walk according to Holy Spirit will SEE the demons in people. God says from such turn away. (2 Tim 3)

Romans NOTE those who cause divisions and offenses among you (these are children of the devil, are they not doing his works?)

Murderers who say, well we all just sin… they stand against abortion and judge those who get them instead of welcoming a pregnant woman or abused woman to live in their house and care for them. People are so proud that they stand against abortion and murder, and it is good to do so, but not pride in it. But JESUS OUR LORD AND KING said murder is in the heart and comes out of your mouth… do you slander and gossip? Do you cause others to stumble and choose sides? Do you favor certain children or wealthy people or those who can uplift your flesh?

Single parent, do you denigrate your children’s other parent FOR ANY REASON? You are bringing death upon yourself and your children. Teach your children Fear of The Lord and that sin is not okay. Pray for the soul of the other parent, even if they are wicked to you.

My ex never walked in righteousness, but as a new believer I thought, well, we ALL SIN. I didn’t understand that Jesus calls us to holy living and that if someone is HIS, they will show it by HIS righteousness.

Rev 2 and 3 Jesus says He will vomit people out of His body, He will remove the church/candlestick, He CAN remove names OUT of The Book of Life. Do we not fear the Lord? Fear of The Lord is one of God’s Spirits… Holy Spirit in you will give you fear of The Lord that keeps your steps in righteousness. He is our Righteousness and Strength. Only those with Jesus’ righteousness as garments will be allowed to partake in the Wedding Feast. It is His righteousness that will be as white adorning New Jerusalem.

We tolerate people who call themselves Pastor, Priest, Bishop, Elder, Deacon, but many with these titles do not live in humble obedience to God and do not show consistent righteousness. They are not Mine.

If you tolerate the spirit and false doctrine of Jezebel, you cause innocent children to be murdered. My ex caused my children to SIDE WITH HIM and AGAINST ME. No, I am not perfect but I never abused my children. Yet the witchcraft of those who are satan’s children is strong, especially in Laodicea where the church doctrine is no different than that of the world. Its ok to sin says false doctrine. We are all sinners.

Only children of the devil claim this. Mine claim that they are New Creatures in Christ Jesus and that they seek first My Kingdom and My Righteousness… My Kingdom is My Righteousness, My Peace, My Joy in My Holy Spirit. If you do not have Me abiding in you, you are not Mine.

God told me to give up my coat and inner coat also. I gave up alimony AND custody because it was what I was taken to court (many times). I didn’t understand as I do now just how evil these people are, do we see how GREED causes some to murder their own children? My children suffered much pain, and I grieved and the devil thought he had won. The enemy came against me and though I did not walk perfectly in my lack of Understanding and Knowledge and Wisdom (God’s Spirit), God had mercy on me and kept leading me.

Many miraculous things occurred through the years as I learned to trust My Father. Even with all the losses, a Jezebel mother and an Ahab father. Siblings who chose to be their agents of harm because they are super wealthy. Choices. Righteousness or flesh? Then a “Christian” husband who harbored Legion. My lack of knowledge in Word caused much death.

The 4 wall church tolerates sin doctrines WHICH CAUSE DEATH OF THE INNOCENT. So how then are we really pro-life? Many innocent children are taught to hate at young ages. Is there not a millstone waiting for those who tolerate this and slap a wealthy abuser on the back and believe his gossip? Are we not then also murderers with millstones awaiting us? Is Jesus a liar? Is Word of God not Holy and True and Faithful? You decide. Live what you choose.

There was none among the 4-wall church people to help me. I was a single mother with primary custody. I needed help and sought it, not to find it. It was part of how God saved me, but I had to come literally to the end of myself. God saved my very life and helped me. It is how I know He will help ANY WHO CALL UPON HIM AS THEIR ONLY HELP!

Where were the “Christian” lawyers who would help a poor single mother? None. No one. And I lived among the wealthy. Where are those who say they love Jesus but refuse to help someone even for the sake of their innocent children who were caught up in my wrecked emotional state due to CONSTANT harassment and attacks (ex: my ex husband lowered the child support without telling me, spoke wickedness to my children that caused them to want to be with him and to doubt my love for them, etc.) AND HE AND HIS WIFE GO TO CHURCH, HE WAS A PASTOR OF CHILDREN!!

I ask that you also pray that he and all in his sphere would humble before God and turn from wickedness and do righteousness. I pray for their salvation, and the courts, the attorneys, etc. And for the children God brought into this world through me. Draw us all to You Lord and Your Truth before You return, as many as will! I DO WANT TO SEE MY EX IN HEAVEN. (took me a lot of obedience and healing to get to this place)

Because the so-called church tolerates Jezebels, Ahabs, and their minions of wickedness, JESUS IS AGAINST NOT IN THE CHURCHES.

How can you say you are pro life yet ignore an abused person’s pleas for help, even for the sake of his or her innocent children? Then to side with the abuser and gossip about the stomped-on one? Is this not murder also? You say you are pro life yet it is ok to IGNORE children who suffer the most from abuse and divorce? It is okay to side with the wealthy and charismatic who actually never clean a church toilet.

Does your church leader do menial tasks like that? Jesus washed feet like a servant. If someone is too important to dress gaping wounds, rescue those who are perishing, defend those who are maligned, bring the needy relief, then they are as the Pharisees, who loved the clean, the wealthy. The rich man in hell was too important to clean Lazarus’ wounds… he did not love Lazarus as he would have wanted to be loved if the rich man was in Lazarus’ place. This is how Jesus said to love: care for others as YOU would want to be cared for. But there is no compassion in the 4 wall church. These will be as the goats before Jesus one day saying, WHEN did we see You in need, Lord? That’s the whole point. They ignored the needs all around them. They refused to kick out sin and therefore they are leavened. Pastors never repent at the alter and ask God for fear of The Lord. Why not?

I lost children, spouse, mother, father, brothers, houses, etc. But Jesus says He will reward a hundred-fold if we let the dead bury the dead. If we dust off and keep our eyes on Him Who is our Help, Creator all that exists. I believe God will draw my children out of the evil one’s grasp if they seek Him. I am finding this truth in my own life, really God taught me what salvation was about only less than 2 years ago! I am so thankful that He is Faithful!

I am only alive today because My Father saved me. Out of many many trials and temptations. Still in trials, and my thorn of Aspergers has become a gift. Praise My God and Saviour! I ask Him to do what it takes to keep me in His way. Paul rejoiced in his thorn, knowing God’s mercy was keeping him from pride. That it is our weakness, self death, in which Jesus is our Strength. Our Righteousness! We just wear His garment! All glory to God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forever!

I was not perfect learned over the years, but He keeps teaching me, and He gives me a heart to continue to follow Him.

ALL WHO DESIRE TO BE GODLY and start living the TRUE GOSPEL (which needs to be taught not the false)…. WILL SUFFER LOSSES WHICH WE CAN REJOICE IN BECAUSE JESUS SAID THERE WILL BE COSTS. And He will restore what the canker and locust stole, killed, destroyed.

Our Father does not lie. Word is Truth.

I am sure those who understand, those who have gone through trials, pain, death to self… all of God’s children UNDERSTAND pain and loss. That is the cross we are to carry, the COST we agreed we could do in order to get this building to completion – and Our Father helps us and teaches us.

Holy Spirit in us is greater than ANY treasure on this earth. We must die to self. If you are used to doing this, TRAINED BY HOLY SPIRIT, then when the end times trials (family giving you up to death, etc.) for Jesus’ sake…for obeying Father’s Word… will not even be a difficult choice. Holy Spirit helps us. We cannot do anything apart from Him.

Pharisees love to be clean on the outside. They did not pick up the Samaritan man out of the dirt, they were just too clean, good, ‘holy’, to aid the least.

Jesus Himself, Word of God, wrapped a towel around Himself as a servant would, got down on the ground and wiped dirt and filth off His disciples’ feet. God Himself pulls us out of MIRY CLAY and says He will cleanse us. But we are nothing but pigs wallowing in mud and filth and feces. All out good works apart from Him are dung.

Do not be deceived, those who do Righteousness are Righteous.

Those who sin are SINNERS.

Prayer for the saints and those who want God’s Truth:

Father God, give those who seek You – Your Righteousness. Fill us with Your Word, plant us in Your stream of water, that Your Word, You, will be in our hearts and minds and mouths. Instead of murdering others with out heart and tongue, give us Your love for all, even those who falsely accuse us, those who hand us and our innocent children over to be killed in many ways. But Satan cannot overcome Your children, for You live in them.

Teach those who want to be with You for eternity what is means that YOU are our Righteousness and Strength. Peace. This is Your Kingdom that we ask is made manifest in the earth, that Your Name is made HOLY in our hearts and in the world, and that Your Will alone is done in our lives and in earth all these things on the earth that Your Created, Abba. Just as You are Holy in Heaven, and Your will alone is done there, and Your Kingdom reigns there. Defeat satan’s works in out lives and abide in us, Holy Spirit, draw us and teach us to abide in You. Give us Fear of The Lord, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Discernment, Power – and all that is You and gives You glory. For You alone are Good.

Forgive us for obeying the world, satan, our own flesh and still calling ourselves Christ-followers. Most don’t even know what Christ means. Lord, help us obey You and walk worthy of You. It is Your Strength and Righteousness and Peace we desire. Help us let go of the flesh and the world, none of which will be remembered in Your New Jerusalem… the former world will not be remembered and You will personally wipe away every tear and what that tear represents.

Forgive us for murdering others. For not helping those who don’t have ability or means to help themselves and their children. Forgive us for tolerating Jezebel and Nicolatian and Balaam false demon doctrines and telling people that sin is ok. Teach us how to live in a way that shows You we believe You are Truth.

Only by You can any be saved, You said with man it is not possible, but WITH GOD, it is. Save us O Lord, for Your mercy’s sake. You are more than able, and we praise You. Lead us to obey You…to love You as You said to (not with carnal feelings which are to be dead with self will and self thoughts… the soul mind will emotions are to be submitted to You, Word of God.

In Heaven is Father, Word, and Holy Spirit

In earth is water, Blood, and Holy Spirit

Cause us to seek You and Your Spirit so we have Your Understanding, etc. That we won’t blaspheme You and Your Gospel anymore. That those outside the ‘church’ wont call us hypocrites anymore and that we are sinners just as they are. Help us not to murder each other but live according to Your Royal Law to not harm others at all.

You said in Romans to AVOID those who claim to know You but cause divisions and offenses. They cause us to gossip and murder others with them in our hearts. Help us to REJECT those spirits who do not walk in Your righteousness, who do not have Your Holy Spirit and Word abiding in them. They complain instead of sing psalms. They say they are still a sinner and not a new creature in Christ Jesus and they act out their words. Help us Lord, not to judge, but to ourselves seek You as though You are our God for real.

Teach us to walk in Your LOVE. Not as the world loves.

Cause us to hunger and thirst for and SEEK FIRST Your Righteousness. Only in seeking You and obeying You will You fill us. Give us urgency, knowing this is a life or death issue and The King is Returning SOON.

Thank You merciful God, help us not stomp on Your gifts and mercy. Teach us to walk in Your Truth, Your path, Your Way, no matter the cost! Give us Your faith…and to respond to You in obedient faith as Abraham did, as all the godly did and do. Give us our daily Bread, and cause us to do Father’s will.

In The Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Word of God made flesh, Propitiation and Example. Shepherd, lead us in Your way to Your green pastures and still waters. Give us a longing for You that causes us to flee flesh lusts and give up this whole world for YOU, 100%. Teach us to love You 100%. For Your Dominion and Glory are everlasting. You are Righteous. Make us holy and righteous as Your are, Daddy. In Jesus Name Amen.


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