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Trapped by the System – Karen Jordan

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Trapped by the System

May 17, 2021 10:00 PM
Karen Jordan

April17, 2021; Vision/Dream

Saw a man running. A black whip came flying through the air and pinned him to a tree. It wrapped around him and the tree. Upon looking closer I could see that the whip looked like barb wire but was flexible like rubber. I was watching the mans’ actions and I was receiving what he was thinking. He knew he could not escape and he would probably be killed. He made a cut in his neck with the spike from the whip. And he put a band-aid over the cut. My observation during the vision was that he was going to rip off the band-aid and die if anyone approached him to torture him.

I heard him ask God, “Is there anyway out of this System?” The answer was “No, you will bleed out.”

Next; a man approached him. He reached for the band-aid to rip it off; but he did not get that done before an axe came hurling at him striking him in the heart.

This was a full color vision/dream with a lot of symbolism and meanings that need to be thought out. As I am writing; I am getting the understanding that the spikes on the whip represent the spike protein. MRNA when injected into your body hijacks your cells proteins making ribosomes to produce the components, so your cells produce the corona virus spike protein that gives the virus its crownlike appearance. So your cells are being edited to attack the virus. It bypasses your own immune system instead of engaging it as other vaccines have done in the past. Moderna, Pfizer/Biotech and Arcturus Therapeutics are deploying a never before approved messenger MRNA technology.

Frehiwot Tilahun posted “The vaccine in the bloodstream.” I am realizing at some point the Covid19 vaccine becomes detrimental to those who allow it in their body. I am wondering if it effects the clotting protein or the platelets causing the body to “bleed out.”

I am focusing on the Moderna vaccine today, after reading an article posted on Steve Quayle.com today, May 17, 2021. The Connecticut Board of Health issues a report about the Moderna vaccine, that it contains a toxic poison SM-102. It is not to be given to humans or animals. It is on the Hal Turner website. It is a “must read.” He puts it altogether, as far as what is happening to the body after this poison has been injected. I posted earlier that God had shown me the vaccine bottle with a scull and cross bones on it. He has told me the vaccine is toxic and not to take it. It seems to me that it is time for this information to come out and the truth to be seen to the American people and the world. The vision/dream that Freiwot posted and the article about the poison being in the vaccine; helped me to get understanding of the warning dream I was given.

My thoughts about other symbolic things given are this; I think the band aid was covering the injection site. I think the man wanted the vaccine out of his body but did not know what to do. He asked God to help him but it was too late. Since he was running in the beginning and became trapped; I think that many people take the vaccine because they are fear mongered into it or are made to feel that they are socially irresponsible for not taking it. So many are deceived and are easily trapped into taking the poison. I do not want the children vaccinated. This has to stop now. Please Christians; agree with me and ask God in Jesus name to have mercy on the children.


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