TRAP – Patti Young


September 17, 2021 10:00 AM
Patti Young

The Lord spoke to me this morning, I was awakened at 5. The Lord said ” There is a full authority and power coming soon, authority I AM giving to my people, an over flow of what they have not known exists in the earth. I keep my word, for have I not said greater works than what I have done you shall do? Great mercy shall be shown and given unto my people during tribulation in the earth. For was I not with Shadrach, Meshack and Abendego in their fiery trial? How much more shall I be with my people in the end. Tracers and traps are now being set, these seek to devour the many among who oppose them. But, yea I have set a trap for them, a trap that is filled with my power and my might to destroy the enemy who comes against my own. A snare I shall set and shall no longer delay, for I see ahead the plans of the enemy. I shall call my people forth, bring them out of the flames of their afflictions. Oh ye of little faith, those who have fallen by the wayside, those who doubted and have not kept my word. I say unto all mankind, your end is nearing, for what shall it profit any man to gain this world and lose your soul at the end. Come out of her my people, come out and away, for soon the devourerer cometh who seeks to kill and destroy in the land. Your nation shall be torn and ripped asunder, but I who have not forgotten my own have a plan, a plan of hope and redemption and salvation for all mankind throughout all eternity. My time has come, my time has come, come unto me for I AM the way of escape.

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