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Transhumanism Coming – Caroline Diadem

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Transhumanism Coming

July 1, 2024 1:44 PM
Caroline Diadem

24th June 2024 – Caroline Diadem Channel

Received under the anointing.
Stargate, this is an intelligent design, I hear the word star link. These are satellites for the super-intelligent design. They are also made for warfare. They are made for weaponisation. I hear the word intelligent design again. The Lord showing me about these satellites. This is intelligent design. Intelligent design means AI. I hear the word lethal weapons. I’m hearing the word robotics. I’m hearing the word transhumanism. I’m hearing the word bioengineering, and this has got to do with health. I’m hearing bioengineering along with programming. I’m hearing, by computer design.
I’m hearing right now that there is a transhumanist agenda. This is involved with bioengineering. This is involved with programmable inputting into the genome. I’m feeling from the Lord, and this is all computerized programming. I hear the Lord saying this is the new technology that’s coming and is being done right now. It is medical engineering, it’s a new field of engineering. This is where it’s going to bring in transhumanism. This will bring in part human and part beast. I wouldn’t describe it in that way but that’s what I’m sensing from the Lord. I heard the word mind control, this is coming from the mind of the beast, so this system is rising up. It’s the beast that’s rising up so all these things are coming out of the beast system. It’s the new technology. I feel the Lord give me the word ‘exploiting’ This new system of the beast. Some of these things are going to appear like magic to people. I sense experimenting happening in animals to do with mind control. There’s a project called stargate.
I know Star link is attached to Elon Musk but I feel all of this is somehow attached to Elon Musk. I don’t know how it all fits in, but this is what is going to give the beast it’s incredible power, because of technology. It’s rising up and it’s all connected so it is all connected into this super intelligent Beast system which is why it’s so scary because it’s a very huge dynamic system that will control the world on a global level using this star link, stargate connection, that’s going to be over the world. I see it like a net, I saw it like a ball with these connectors on it. It looks like a fishing net and I see it all over the globe. The Beast system is going to be on an enormous scale. It’s on an enormous scale, that’s why it’s out of control because it’s a giant that no man can conquer. There’s no way of overcoming this system because it’s on such a huge scale. It’s rising up, it’s rising up now, that’s what the Holy Spirit is really showing me. As I was getting all them different words, I didn’t really understand what the Lord was saying, but I believe bioengineering is going to be very significant. They have projects going on at the moment for mind control using bioengineering. This is where transhumanism is going to come in and is being planned at the moment, very carefully planned and it’s absolutely being plotted and planned to come in. They’re going to make us half beast and half human, that is what the Lord showed me. It is half beast and half human that’s what it is. That’s actually what it is. You’re going to be attached and controlled by the Beast system. This is what the plan is, and it’s to control the human race. This is a diabolical plan. It’s a huge plan, it’s at the beginning stages now. They’re doing it now, they’re planning and they’re experimenting. Satan is going to exploit this plan to dominate and control every person. This is what is going on right now. Elon Musk was very key in this a satellite programming system. I think something’s going on with Elon Musk, I think they’re exploiting him. I remember feeling that we should pray for Elon Musk, there a few weeks ago but I think that something’s going on, that he’s been roped into this thing. I do believe stargate has got something to do with it, maybe it’s another project that’s shooting off that project. This transhumanism agenda is really taking place behind the scenes right now and it’s going to roll in very fast and we’re going to start seeing things that seem to be like magic. There will be tremendous medical advancements. So there is going to be an agenda for mind control and an agenda for transhumanism to make people half beast and half human that’s the way the Lord is showing me. The beast is obviously the technological arm of it and the beast is rising up and it is huge. It’s happening right now as we speak.
I feel the Lord is just showing me now, that it is going to cause sores, this new transhuman system is going to create bad sores on people. This is coming because of God’s displeasure. You will have to make some kind of agreement with them to go in with this. People will be completely monitored on this system. There will also be some kind of radiating disease that’s going to occur with people in this system. They will be able to laser people and kill them, this is where the system will be weaponized. They will literally be able to laser people and kill them and they will laser people and kill them. These will be all kind of very sophisticated new weapons that will come from the beast system, all these new weapons will come from the beast system.

Best Regards Caroline.


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