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Feb 20, 2020
Victoria Ang

For the past several years I have been feeling both my feet and hands feeling like they are on fire but no pain. And I could see in the Spiritual realm fire coming out of both my feet and hands at times. I have also experience during the past several years my body feeling like its floating and separating from my physical body. ( like you would if you were to see your body from the spiritual realm … out of body experience ).When I asked the Lord several years ago about this he told me it’s part of the TRANSFORMATION . So I felt relieved knowing all was fine.

Last night I was in much prayer and experienced a more intense sensation of both my feet and hands on fire and could see with my spiritual eyes ,the fire coming out of them.

I feel asleep and had a dream. In the dream I was outside and all of a SUDDEN a BEAUTIFUL LARGE bird flew right next to me. I stood there just in awe ,of the beauty of this bird. It was BRIGHT yellow and orange in color. But as it sat there right next to me the colors started to flicker. And become brighter and more intense.It was such a sight to behold. And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The FIRE AND FLAME of the HOLY SPIRIT is right next to those fully seeking him. The fire from the feet represents “walking “in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and the fire from the hands represents “working “in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

Let us continue to keep our eyes on the Lord and stay in prayer as we wait on him !
Be blessed and encouraged

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