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July 24, 2020 7:34 PM
Averine Pennington

Dream by Averine Pennington, received 12-21-19, posted 7-24-20

This dream was quite detailed and lengthy. I received it just before dawn on December 21, 2019. I feel in my spirit this is the appointed time for its release:

I will not give names of individuals, but two of my loved ones were dropping me by a Doctor’s office, supposedly for a checkup having something to do with my diabetes. It was sometime in the morning, because we had made plans to go out to lunch together when my examination was over. As soon as we got inside the Dr.’s office and were sitting in the waiting room, my loved ones suddenly left with no explanation. I just assumed they didn’t want to wait around and went somewhere to pass the time. I fully expected them to return within about an hour. However, as the dream progressed, I never saw them EVER AGAIN!

This was not my regular doctor I was seeing, which seemed very strange to me. I have been going to the same male Dr. for over 20 years. I was seeing a woman doctor who had a female assistant. This assistant was dressed in very inappropriate clothing (no medical garb). She was very beautiful and looked as though she had just been to a fancy party. Her top was a white tunic. The fabric was almost indescribable, an intricately woven design with tiny openings that you could see through, not transparent but almost. Nothing was left to the imagination. It had sort of an opalescent hue to it. What I could see of her short, tight skirt was even stranger. It seemed to be made of a very finely woven sparkly metal, similar to what you might expect to find as the ‘mail’ of a medieval knight’s armor. I can’t imagine that would have been comfortable to sit down while wearing? Very strange indeed! My dreams are sometimes doozies in the details!

After I was ushered into the examination room, these women (the Dr. & her assistant) began conducting various tests on me. These were very different types of tests than I have previously experienced at my checkups. They seemed to have no relationship to my diabetes. I remember making the remark to them that if they were testing my sugar, it might be high since I had consumed a huge cupcake the prior evening to celebrate my birthday. They were so intent on what they were doing they seemed not to even hear or care about my comment. They put my entire right arm, up to the elbow, into some strange contraption. Whatever they were doing had something to do with my blood.

Now this little detail, I found really weird. Off in one corner of the room there was a large man dressed very fancy, like Liberace, playing an instrument similar to a ‘piano’ but different. It had very ornate carvings and was covered with gold. The music he played was very calming, in fact, mesmerizing. It was not like any music I had ever heard. I got the feeling it was something like the ‘pied piper’ might have played. I was being lulled into following along with whatever I was requested to do.

The examination seemed to be taking forever. At one point, I told them I was hungry. A large platter of food was placed before me. The platter was trimmed in silver all around the outer edge. The utensils were of fine silver. Everything was of the utmost quality. The meat had been prepared and cut into small bite sizes, just like I need it to be (hard to chew with dentures). It was my favorite foods. They seemed to anticipate my every desire. But something in my spirit would not let me eat the food. It just sat there until it got cold.

There was some kind of animal in the room that I have never seen before. It was the size of perhaps a very large house cat, very slender, very sleek hair. In appearance, it was more like a cheetah or leopard. This animal was a bit scary as it seemed to have something evil about it, something about the eyes. It kept jumping up on the exam table wanting me to pet it. I was afraid to even put my hand near it, so it just kept brushing against me, stroking itself against my body, almost seductively. I got a most uncomfortable feeling, but the animal was not easy to shoo away.

I noticed it was getting dark outside. I knew it should only be lunchtime so either the sun was going down in the middle of the day, I had been in that exam room a lot longer than I thought, or time had speeded up! Anyway, darkness was falling. Something very strange was happening.

I got the sense that these people were trying to perform some test that was totally out of the ordinary. They seemed really frustrated that whatever they were attempting was fruitless. They checked their equipment multiple times to see if that was the cause. The problem was, my BODY was refusing to cooperate.

I was given the knowledge from the Holy Spirit the REASON WHY! My body was already in the process of being changed from corruptible to incorruptible, or whatever state it would be in for my Lord to use me to help in His Harvest. I was already beyond anything that man could do to thwart God’s purposes.

As I am starting to come out of the dream, I saw a flash vision of a marque or large banner go across my line of vision. It had red lettering on it in a very fancy font (like ‘old English’ or ‘calligraphy’, or some sort of ‘ancient script’). It was extremely difficult to read. I thought I picked out the words ‘REMNANT’ and ‘FAITH’, but it was a whole sentence. I wanted so much to see it again so I could understand the entire message, but I woke up. I have always been a slow reader. I was so disappointed I asked the Lord to please show the message again. I was not granted that request. That was the end of the dream.

Most who read this dream, need not that I interpret, but here are a few things that stand out to me. As scripture foretells, in the end-times, even family members will turn against each other. I was betrayed to the enemy camp by my own loved ones . . . not one, but two. It was done by deceit . . . allowing me to think they were taking me to a place for one reason, when it was another. Even when they left me, I still believed in them. I expected them to return, never giving it a second thought. I think God wanted me to understand that no matter what I hope and pray regarding my loved ones, when tribulation comes, they will make their own choices. They will choose God’s side or be lured into the enemy camp.

We are living in times when we must be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. It is so important to have a spirit of discernment. Satan and his army are master deceivers. The Dr.’s assistant was dressed in a manner to make you think a pleasant experience (a fun party) was in store, nothing to fear here just a really good time! I have given much thought to her attire. It was ‘other-worldly’. I believe this may be an indication of how AI or alien technology may well play a part in the deception. The man playing the ‘piano’ was there to mesmerize my mind, attempting to make me not have my wits about me and think for myself. I was hungry, and the food they placed before me looked delicious, but as a child of God, I was warned not to partake. Remember how craftily the serpent beguiled Eve with something good to eat and pleasant to the eyes? Hopefully by now we have learned that valuable lesson! The ‘sleek cat’ was there to seduce, demanding my affection. If it had been possible to win me over, I would have been seduced and overcome by evil, I would have joined the dark side. Praise God, I belong to Jesus! None of their tactics worked. None of the weapons they formed against me could prosper.

The darkness arriving at an unusual time of day, speaks to the timing of our transformation. Many prophets have put forth prophetic words on when we might expect to experience the supernatural change in our bodies. I have no doubt the darkness will be a time-marker for that occurrence. Our bridegroom is even now preparing to meet us in the air. He has already started preparing our bodies to meet Him. I believe we could change at any moment . . . in the twinkling of an eye. It could happen before I finish typing this post. That is how close we are to transformation! That is how close we are to SEEING our Lord!

I cannot tell you what the sentence on the Banner revealed fully, but I believe what I was able to see is what God wanted me to see! I rather like to imagine it said something along these lines, “Averine, I have chosen you to be among my jewels, my REMNANT. Well done, my good and FAITHful servant!”

Looking for My Savior’s Soon Return,



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