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Training of the Army of God!

Oct 23, 2019
Jesus LoverOfMySoul

In weakness I am made strong. You will overcome in Me. You will find new strength from above. You will glory in My presence as you shine with the light from above. You have been created for this. You are equipped to walk out My will for you. You are victorious! Your position requires much more training, this one on one training is about to begin. You will be caught up to the third heaven where you will work with My angels to fight the battle on the earth. What will become of you? I WILL RISE within you. I will bring glory to My Father as I rise within My army. I will recompense evil on the earth and strengthen My children through you! Your time is quickly approaching/has come. (Heard both) A time when you will stand in My honor and defeat the wickedness of this world with Me. Your presence will calm the nations and anger the wicked. You will cast judgment and bring fiery trials to the earth. AlI will witness the power of My glory within you. I will raise My army like a banner. I will fly it for all to see. The enemy will fear what you will do.The writing is on the wall the time is a upon you. No more time will be given to this wicked generation. My judgments will soon pour forth with a fiery indignation. There is no escaping what is coming. All will experience My GREAT POWER. For the lamb who came to die for the sins of the world will soon expose the LION from within. I am Yahushua Ha Mashiach creator of all things! Giver of life! Bearer of the seas! My judgment is upon you once great nation. You shall fall and not rise again. My power will stand upon you and no one will save you in that day. Get ready for the battle has begun. Soon you will walk in your calling!

Bearer- person who carries or holds something.

“The one who upholds His people!”

Auto Transcript

hey brothers and sisters so I have a
word that I want to share with you guys
today but I wanted to give you a little
bit of background on the last couple
months and um because it might this
might help you with some of the things
that you’re experiencing in your walk
things have been really tough for me the
last few months the Lord has changed up
my life quite a bit he has removed
family members out of my life that were
toxic to me people that claim to be of
him but are not walking obedient to the
things that he’s asking them to do those
that are still walking in their flesh
and not in their spirit man so I’ve had
to give up about four people in my life
that I did not really want to give up
and I obeyed the Lord and I did it’s
really interesting because I received a
letter from them and this was back in
May and the Lord told me to burn the
letter I wasn’t even allowed to open the
letter but when I burn it it would not
burn I had to pray over the letter to
get it to burn and as it burned I seen
snakes slithering in the ashes so I knew
that it was something some type of
witchcraft or something that was in
there so since then he’s removed four
people out of my life that were involved
with this letter um I went from having
all my days pretty much to myself to be
able to govern to being responsible for
two of my grandchildren for different
reasons three of my grandchildren have
been removed from my life this goes back
to letting go and being willing to let
go and lay down things that the Lord
asks you to it’s proof that you love him
and you’re willing to leave people
you love so currently the Lord has
allowed me to keep two of my
grandchildren in my life and one child
out of three so it’s been very difficult
to walk that but the Lord’s given me his
strength and through this I have been
battling the Jezebel spirit the
Leviathan spirit and the Python spirit I
also have been learning how to give and
love other people and be selfless in my
to others and to put them first and
their needs and desires before mine so
there’s a lot that’s been happening
lately and there was a time when the
Lord got quiet and I wasn’t hearing him
as much as I was before but just
recently the Lord’s been giving me
dreams he’s been giving me things
through some words dreams he’s given to
other family members that don’t live
close to me that I’ve been showing me
that he wants me to stay this course so
I have been and I’m sacrificing and
laying down everything he asked me to do
the Lord has even changed my eating plan
and he doesn’t even have me eating the
same way and this eating plan actually
helped me to overcome the spirit of
gluttony because I was overeating and
over indulging on things and I’ve been
struggling with that actually since I
was a child I kind of went back to what
was implanted in me when I was young and
I was told that I was not allowed to
leave the table until I everything on my
plate so that created a spirit of
gluttony which carried on to when I was
an adult and even making food if I made
extra food I felt like I had to eat that
so the Lord’s delivered me from quite a
few things lately and he’s been doing
quite a bit of work in me and I’m
thankful for everything because
I’m filthy rags without him and I don’t
deserve anything that he’s done for me
but he’s good and he’s faithful but I
wanted to share a word with you today
just wanted to give you a little bit of
background on what’s been happening to
me in case you have something like this
happening in your life and to know that
it’s all part of God’s plan excuse me
it’s all part of God’s plan and and the
Lord is moving us into excuse me
he’s moving us into our positions within
the body of Christ so I pray that this
word gives you encouragement today this
is a personal word for me but I asked
the Lord if I could share and the Lord
said yes because it’s not just for me
this is for other members as well and
it’s not for every person in the body
but if it’s for you you’ll know it when
you hear it so the Lord said in weakness
I am made strong you will overcome in me
you will find new strength from above
you will glory in my presence as you
shine with the light from above you have
been created for this you are equipped
to walk out my will for you you will be
and you are victorious your position
requires much more training this
one-on-one training is about to begin
you will be caught up to the third
heaven where you will work with my
angels to fight the battle on the earth
what will become of you I will rise
within you
I will bring glory to my father as I
rise with in my army I will recompense
evil on the earth and I will strengthen
my children through you your time is
quickly approaching and has come a time
when you will stand in my honor and
defeat the wickedness of this world with
me your presence will calm the nations
and anger the wicked you will cast
judgments and bring fiery trials to the
earth all witness the power
of my glory within you I will raise my
army like a banner I will fly it for all
to see the enemy will fear what you will
do the writing is on the wall the time
is upon you no more time will be given
to this wicked generation my judgments
will soon pour forth with fiery
indignation there is no escaping what is
coming all will experience my great
power for the lamb came to die for the
sins of the world and soon will expose
the line from within
I am yahushua hamashiach creator of all
things giver of life bearer of the Seas
my judgment is upon you a once great
nation you shall fall and not rise again
my power will stand upon you and no one
will save you in that day get ready
Susan for the battle has begun soon you
will walk in your calling and then I
wanted to look up bearer of the Seas
because it just really stuck out to me
and the Lord showed me that bearer is
somebody who carries or holds something
so this basically says that he is the
upholder of his people because sees as
people so I think the Lord was trying to
encourage me so I can encourage you and
tell you that the time is getting close
for our assignments to begin his timings
not our timing but we know this is
getting closer and everything that
happens in your life every trial that
you face every tests you have to pass
it’s designed specifically for you and
for you only to reach the full potential
that you need to be because we need to
we need to empty ourselves of ourselves
to be filled with the Lord and the like
the Lord said to me you have to M
all of Susan’s so I can fill your vessel
there can’t be any of us left not 5% not
2% not anything more than that there can
be no percent of us left we need to
empty our vessels so the Lord can fill
because each one of us has a cup to
drink just like he drank his cup we have
a cup to drink and the Lord wants to put
the entire Cup within us so we can’t say
well lord I can take all of it but 5%
because then that Cup which will be
poured out because it has to be
fulfilled that couple be given to
somebody else so we have to be able to
drink that full cup we have to be able
to take it all so nothing within us can
stand so I just wanted to share that
with you that the Lord’s stripping
things out of us he’s making a way for
us to be able to hold the cup that we
have to drink and the Lord will help us
if you’re struggling with something
asking for it if you’re if you don’t
understand where we are in the timeline
if you don’t understand how close we are
to things manifesting then ask him and
he’s gonna be faithful he mean he’s not
gonna give you a date or a time because
that’s that’s not gonna happen
most people would sit around and just
wait for that date to roll out he wants
you to live a life of urgency expecting
him to come anytime any day and I’m not
saying that that there’s going to be a
rapture of God’s people that’s not what
I’m saying what I’m saying is God’s
people will finish this training so they
can carry out the assignments that they
were given before the foundation of the
world those who are called and chosen
have assignments that they have to
fulfill these assignments will bring in
the harvest that is coming so we’re
getting prepared and ready for that so I
pray that you find encouragement and
comfort in this if you’re struggling
with something then know that there’s a
reason that you’re struggling with
everything your walk may not be the same
as someone else’s walking and it’s
probably not going to reflect anyone
percent but there will be things in your
life that look the same as another
brother or sister over here and just
know that the Lord is taking all of
these circumstances in your life and he
is getting you ready to walk and fulfill
your position so I pray this brings you
comfort I love you all and I will be
back as the Lord leads god bless you all
take care now

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  1. Frank

    Praise Jesus
    As Paul said three times he be sought the Lord to take the thorn of Satan out of his flesh he was caught up to the third heaven and Jesus replied my grace is sufficient for thee in weakness is my strength made perfect (paraphrased from memory)

    God has put it on my heart to meditate on this for the last seven years since I first heard it. I’m not saying I deserve anything from the Lord I am just a sinner sorrowing to repentance like Paul said of the Sinners I am chief. Peter said depart for me for I am a sinful Man O Lord when he realize he was in the presence of Jesus on the boat. Elijah after he got done proving Jesus was the most high God above baal by the burnt offering showdowm between him and the priests of baal he was in route to the mountain and took a rest by the river and he told God let me die now Lord let it be enough for I am no better than my fathers.

    Anyway just more words of encouragement God bless you guys

  2. Thanks and God bless.

    Can I have your email address please? I need to ask some questions

  3. Frank

    Loveth Nwokehuru


    God bless

  4. Frank

    For those with ears to hear and are on this particular calling these are a few songs I listen to almost daily for inspiration during my morning prayers and through out the day. I hope it helps God bless and this isn’t for everybody only a few are going to understand this. But regardless of our individual callings We’re All God’s Children who are in Jesus. God bless brothers and sisters.

    We Saw the Light – YouTube

    Steve Vaus – RENEGADES – YouTube

    My anger was kindled against the Shepherds and I punish the goats for the Lord of hosts has visited the house of Judah and made them as is goodly horse in the day of battle out of him came the nail.:
    The Highwaymen- Silver Stallion – YouTube

  5. Maureen Enriquez

    I start out every morning first honoring & giving all glory & praise to God, Lord Jesus & the holy spirit. I then ask God to empty all of me out so I can be an empty vessel for Him to pour His holy spirit into. I die onto myself, but now it is the holy spirit who lives through me. I finish by asking God to give me the heart & mind of Jesus. And to see all people through the eyes of Jesus. I want so badly to be in the Lord’s Army.
    I pray & ask this continually! I pray that my prayers lines up with God’s will for me.

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