Tragedy comes… – Ali Winters

Tragedy comes…

Ali Winters

Tragedy comes…who can we blame?  We stagger around confused, bewildered. With the sun at our back we grope around in darkness, attempting to make sense of seemingly senseless acts of brutality and violence. We cry for change, demanding answers…who can we blame?

As with Adam…the woman whom YOU gave to me, she gave me from the tree and I ate. so too with Eve…the serpent deceived me, and I ate. (Genesis 3) so too with America. Covering your eyes, groping in the darkness you refuse to see what lies before you. In search of a scapegoat, you cover your ears to drown out the sound of sin and suffering in a nation gone mad. Refusing to acknowledge the rumblings of discontent, unrest, dissatisfaction, refusing to recognize your part in the disaster being played out before you, you stumble through life in rebellion and self-righteousness; pointing fingers, clinching fists, rejecting Truth, and wondering who can I blame? …My people have been taken captive, because they know not the LORD; and there has been a multitude of dead bodies because of hunger and of thirst for water. (Isaiah 5:13)  Who can I blame?  Look in the mirror.

The words I speak says the LORD, are life to the hearer and healing to their hearts and minds. None dare come who continue to idolize self and the ways of the world. Come in humility, come with a heart of shame for the sins that separate. Come boldly in repentance and love. I will receive all who come in My Name. Others will be cast aside.

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