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Towers, Trains & Chains – BraceYourself Dream – Dana Coverstone


Towers, Trains & Chains – BraceYourself Dream

July 30, 2021
Dana Coverstone


Auto Generated Transcript

i had this dream
uh over several different nights the
12th the 13th the 14th it started
the more was added to it in the 19th and
20th and then on the 26th of this week
um this past week this week we’re living
in right now
the rest of it came so i’m going to read
through it and
that i’m going to do just go through
through chunks of it and share what i
there’s some very very specific things i
think that are warnings for the church
and those of us that are here in america
united states of america right now
uh with some things coming down the pike
we need to be aware of so
i’m calling this the towers trains and
chains dream
someone mentioned planes trains on my
bills i just wish this had some humor in
it but it has no humor in it at all okay
so here it is the dream began with a
large auction
on the field where the washington
senators were playing baseball
there was no one in the stands and the
lights were off and the stadium was very
very dark
the auctioneer was masked not like a
cobia mask it was just matt his face had
like a like a bandana around so you
couldn’t see
he was also wearing a judge’s robe and
those about to participate were all
for of all nationalities were the
corresponding flag of their nation on
their jacket so they were professionally
uh sitting in some very nice chairs
right in the middle of the field
that wasn’t being played on at that time
they also had their jackets up around
their necks and it seemed to be an
attempt to shield their identity even
though the
stadium was empty and dark
as the ex as the auction started and the
auctioneer was getting people in place
and saying hey folks we’re about to
several of the asian nations gathered
together and talked among themselves
then they held up a card with a symbol
that i had never seen before and i’ll
express that in just a little bit
strange symbol on it and it got the
attention of the auctioneer
and the minute he saw he declared the
auction was over
and a large briefcase was handed by
these asian nation leaders to
the auctioneer and he accepted the
briefcase and shook
the hands of 12 different men there were
12 different specific men
all of asian backgrounds and then he
snapped his fingers
and he yelled out the word now
not loud just now he said
he at the same time he snapped his
fingers he said now
then i was watching a hurricane-like
storm that grew in great strength
and it flowed from near indonesia uh and
in the asian waters over there near
japan china taiwan
and it was like a hurricane it was
growing in power and strength and it
rumbled and spread all the way across
the pacific ocean
and it became green as it hit the west
coast shoreline
of the united states of america and then
the storm became like a huge blanket of
and it just spread out like like if you
dropped if you
spilled the cup and the water just
spilled over the entire
of the entire top of the united states
of america and it kept moving east
and it kept churning all the way it was
moving like flood waters like
uh like rampant flood waters that are
moving logs and buildings and cars it
was like a flood like we saw
uh with flooding that we may have seen
in in recent history
and it just kept turning all the way
across the nation and the rain then
resulted in flooding as i said
it began to wash away the interstate
system and the asphalt almost seemed
like it was melting
and when the storm got to washington dc
it became a tornado and it drilled into
the ground of the city
and then suddenly the rain storm stopped
and the sun came out
so all of this storm turns into a
tornado that drills literally drills and
just removes
removes the ground in washington dc
sun comes out and then i saw the tail of
hundreds and maybe even
thousands of snakes and they were they
were disappearing into that huge hole
in the ground and then the earth began
to fill in from the bottom up so the
snakes go in
and then the ground fills itself up
almost like it was sand shifting but it
was moving up
and became level with everything else
then i saw america had dried up but the
interstate system was now replaced with
dirt roads so
all the water damage all the mud is now
dry so to speak
and all the interstates are just now
where the interstate asphalt was there
is now just
dry dry ground it’s not wet it’s not
muddy yet
but i also saw that the ground level has
skin on it and the surface
the surface of the of the of the the
concentric boundaries united states of
america began to
be rolled up in other words if you think
about this way
if if you’ve ever used a key to open a
sardine can
and you twist it and you roll it and the
metal is rolling like this
i began to see that the ground level
was curling it was curling from the east
coast towards the west
rolling the ground was still attached
but the skin was
rolling like this like something was
rolling it
and then i began to see that the dirt
appeared to be underneath the dirt roads
and now i’m looking below the surface of
the of the earth
and it looked like trains that were
almost like a monorail there were uh
there were like tracks that were hanging
on the bottom of the earth
if you were looking up underground
and there was like trains like a
monorail that was pulling he had a large
uh and it was the engines appeared to be
uh basically this train looked appeared
like a monorail like a train
a large a large train uh engine
and then other units behind it and it
appeared to be
very large in one long unit and it was
pulling an even longer
single unit vehicle that behind that was
a chain
a very large chain and that chain was
attached to the east coast and the roots
in the ground there
and so as those trains began to move
west underneath the ground
i began to see the the the east coast
just began to curl
almost like the chain was pulling it was
as it was pulling
the grant the the surface of the ground
was going with it
and they simply rolled up as a curl as
the train was pulling on them
as the trains pulled west i also saw
there were towers going up and these
towers look like prison guards
or prison guard towers over the area
where the nation
so as soon as the earth as soon as the
skin almost got the skin
as soon as the skin of the america and
the united states america
was curled over and kept going west
these towers would just simply pop up it
was like guard towers
and i also realized that the red soil
was now muddy and it was red where the
skin was being pulled up
the ground was now red not just dirt it
was red and it was muddy
and it stretched across the face of the
entire country
and where the capitals had been there
were towers with bright flashing
yellow and blue lights and where
washington stood the capitol building
and the white house had a fence
around them both that appeared to be
about 50 feet high
and there was razor wire attached top to
bottom it wasn’t strung like this it was
strung like this
razor wire 50 feet high around those
on the outside of them
and also i saw that in the towers there
were bags of white and yellow fleas not
black colored fleas
yellow and white fleas
and these bags were being emptied around
the towers
and these insects began spreading
through that entire
region and the train chains continued to
pull until the surface level the nation
popped off as it got to california
and as it just kind of rolled like this
it finally snapped
and that skin began to float
and it floated up towards the sun
basically just like icarus
you remember if you’re familiar with the
the story the mythological story of
it kept flying higher and higher up
towards the sun that was at full
brightness now
and as it floated like this up the
east and west coast both began to burn
and then it faded away if you’ve ever
seen flash paper i was a children’s
pastor for many years and used flash
and you light it and just disappears
that was what this it got close to the
it just burned and disappeared and then
i saw the chains
continue to stretch over the pacific and
they were moving
basically on the ocean floor those
trains kept pulling
and they were still pulling chains
attached to this nation
and they kept pulling them dragging them
towards the far east nations
and that was then the man that i see so
often he appeared in the middle of that
empty baseball stadium and he spoke
very very softly in the dream i actually
had to kind of lean in
to hear him what he was saying and he
said don’t worry about the red dragon
as the red dragon has worse enemies than
it knows
and the spirit of antichrist walks the
earth and whispers in the ears of the
kings at the moment
he is tempting their pride taunting
their power
and they are laying the tracks for the
train of deception to pull the world
into its grip
his grip look up for your redemption
draws near but warn the
shallow fervently that deep roots are
now more than ever brace endure
prepare and use the time you have
to reach the rootless ones
so the first thing i saw was they were
the baseball stadium or the washington
senators play
and everybody was quite it was like
there was no lights it was dark there
were just these these men from all
nationalities all countries
and so basically deals were being done
uh 12 is a number of governmental
authority we know that
these men had been basically working
with somebody to undersell
or or take authority in the nation it
was a legal disclosure because there was
a judge involved with this wearing
judge’s robes and
the met the face was masked so no one
could see who he was
the the fact that they were wearing
night vision goggles
so they could see what was happening
they were trying to see things that
nobody else could see
in the darkness although they were right
in the middle of this field they were
still exposed
uh the briefcase the briefcase speaks of
business as usual
uh it reminded me very much the same
type of briefcase that i saw in the
first stream i had of the
of the senators who were in that one
room and then the briefcases that were
put in front of them very very similar
and also when it began to rain the storm
the storm grew in great
strength um we know that it’s going to
rain on the just and the unjust but this
this this particular storm as it hit the
country brought torrential rain brought
torrential flooding
and all of that flooding from the east
was also causing major damage to the
and the asphalt began literally to melt
it was almost like you’re just getting
back to the basics of the earth
underground things were being
basic transportation basic travel all
those things were just being pulled away
business as usual it may have been in
the washington senators
baseball stadium but now transit was
messed up things were happening and
there was stuff happening underneath the
ground that nobody else could see or
and when the tornado when the storm got
to washington dc it became a tornado
there was an emphasis it went from a
hurricane-like situation to massive
which all caused damage but this type of
tornado it dug a hole it buried it it
dug a hole into the ground
there and that means that that speaks of
vindication that being that speaks of
we also know that the lies of the enemy
were there because these were snakes
this i didn’t see the heads and say all
i saw was the tails
and it looked like just thousands or
hundreds and hundreds maybe even
thousands of frothing snakes just
moving and going down into that hole and
then almost like
uh as the earth was kind of shifting to
to move back
up to cover the hole they went in it
reminded me of quora
and the judgment that happened in the
old testament
but these these snake tales remind us
that the stake the snake’s a liar
uh the snakes always associate with
pride if you remember in the garden
basically the enemy said you know
you’ll be wise if you eat from that tree
god knows if you eat from you’ll be just
like him so there was that there was
that idea that was that
that hope that uh that they would listen
and give in
and then i saw america dried up the
water was gone as soon as the snakes
went in and all things were happening
the sun came out and the earth was
instantaneously dry
time of famine a time of the drought and
i believe we’re going to have a famine
for the word of god
i believe we’re already starting to see
that in many many ways
but then i also saw the ground level the
skin it was the skin
and what was being what was gonna left
to be revealed was the surface
the actual surface of what we of what’s
really there
so when the skin was peeled off by those
and it snapped it popped off almost like
there was a sudden
all right now the skins off and all the
and everybody knows exactly what’s going
but the thing we got to realize is that
this storm started in the east
it started in the far east what appeared
to me to be
the indonesia area japan china all of
that that area and
in the uh near the philippines um
so obviously there was a far eastern
influence and impact of this dream uh
and then underneath the ground
is when i saw these these trains or
these monorails
and they were driven by tracks on the
ceiling so
just below the surface there were things
happening i’ve been talking about you
know i don’t usually use the word
dark deep state i use the word dark
because we definitely know there are
things things at bay uh if you saw
yesterday uh
ted cruz was involved in a in a hearing
and he basically asked the question okay
if we know that china has been involved
with hacking of systems and this and
that why wasn’t something done
and there was this incredible brutal
in the room why weren’t there sanctions
put against why wasn’t this done
nobody said a word the crickets were
but here we also see when the thing gets
peeled back what’s hidden underneath is
and that was the biggest thing to me
that when everything was peeled back we
got a clear picture that there’s
something more
going on underneath and in the dark
state the deep state bigger than we can
but it’s but there’s transportation
there’s movement underground that we’re
not seeing
movement that we’re not aware of we can
think about it but there’s movement
going on
that we’ve not seen we may have
suspected we may have thought about it
but those things aren’t there and these
engines these trains
um these things had lots of power and
there was lots of power
pulling not just the trains didn’t just
have power but they had enough power to
pull the the vehicles behind them
and the large chains that were attached
so to me that
that speaks of power that speaks of
money that speaks of corruption
that speaks of more than just one and
once again it was a conglomeration of
leaders who got up far eastern leaders
who got up
in that senator’s baseball stadium and
surrendered the briefcase and and
whatever they were doing in that regards
but we know there was a lot of power and
the larger power was also
pulling you know it was a smaller unit
but it was pulling a larger train behind
so um we know now where the storm came
from it was it was the far eastern area
and that storm
was coming to attach and to link and to
bring back to
to not just bring influence but to pull
things now what was in the trains itself
i did not see people i just saw power
but i know the roots were on the east
coast the roots were in washington dc
and they were trying to basically just
skin this country
and then when the skin was off set on
fire burn it
so that the the kind of like the skin
the the facial identity of who we are
could not be seen or recognized again
and this was the stuff that was
happening below the surface
uh these were the things that the bonds
and bondage that was happening
underneath people were not aware of
people were not seeing
people were not hearing and it was quiet
no i didn’t see people on the
on the earth at all in america at all
all i saw was the power underneath that
was pulling these things
the greed and the situations those
things happen it was also the people
that did were not seen they didn’t even
really notice things were going on
in that sense let me tell you that back
the people i had seen
did not recognize or noticed anything
was going on just it was just business
as usual
which i guess i could have called the
business as usual thing because
things happened in washington that we
suspect and no things were happening
around america that people didn’t know
so they were unaware of the the truth
that was happening there was no
of the things going on and the role up
also reminds us of like the snare of an
and uh there are traps that you can lay
you walk into it
it bundles you up and throws you into
the air uh there are some traps that
just holds you and keep you
but but this was a where people were
were walking into it and didn’t even
know what was happening
they were just being rolled up in the
skin and then that skin was taken so it
shows the intention basically is to
let’s remove their identities remove who
they are and get rid of them
in one sense in the end then i saw the
towers and these towers were laws and
threats of imprisonment
the red soil to me is indicative of
chinese occupancy the muddy the
muddiness was that nothing was clear
everything was deceptive nobody knew
exactly what was happening
or what was going on right now and uh
and people did not you know once again i
saw i did not see people standing in the
sense of just milling around or in
businesses or
cars or driving it was just a simple
real quick image of the earth being
rolled over and nobody knew what was
or the skin of america going and that
red soil was very very
vibrant it was a blood red if you look
at the chinese flag
that was exactly what it what it looked
like the color of that in that sense
and then also where the capital stood i
saw those towers and they were flashing
yellow and blue lights
a lot of times yellow and blue if you
see those sometimes
law enforcement sometimes vehicles
maintenance and things like that
i don’t know a whole lot i just know
what i saw was yellow and blue
lights flashing lights and they were
flashing in random that
random they were they were fl they were
flashing in tandem let me say it that
so when one tower flashed it was the
same time every tower was flashing so
there was connection there was there was
a a common thread there was a
a common theme they were working
in unity in that sense and in washington
uh it was finished and no one was
getting in and that meant the people
inside were not getting out either
i just had a treacherous feeling about
what i was seeing when i saw the towers
and when i saw the when i saw the the
the fence that was that high
uh it was not like the fence that went
up before january 6 or afterwards we’re
50 feet high and razor wire
going vertical from top to bottom and
about probably every five to six inches
so no one was going to just
get through or even get through on the
top and the other thing
that i saw was white and yellow fleece
and i’m just gonna you’re just gonna
share what i what i sense what i feel
uh everybody know most people who who
know me
know that uh i’m very cautious when it
comes to
comments uh about racism and things that
are happening
in our world right now but we know that
fleas they are
they are pestilence they are discomfort
we know that they are literally blood
sucking pests
and i believe that these white and
yellow fleas mean
and once again i understand so
understand the conscious what i’m about
to say
because of the threat that happened to
this country coming from the far east
i believe that these fleas are going out
to impact
being white and yellow may have been
specifically going after white and asian
asian americans because they are here
asian americans because they’ve
assimilated into culture
and are and are just a part of america
but it seemed to me there were no black
fleas there were no brown fleas i saw
yellow and i saw white and i even began
to ponder are there such a thing as
albino fleas are there fleas that do not
color are there you know whatever i just
know what i saw and i’m just simply
telling you
what i s what i saw so there could be a
whole lot of other things with that
um the trains they they continue to pull
the surface of the skin the skin was
removed uh and when i saw it reminded me
of icarus when it was just kind of
floating up is it got close to the sun
it burned it started on the coast west
and east coast and then it burned like
flash paper and it was gone
it reminded me of the frailty and the
of mankind that we forget that you know
man is as grass that’s what the word of
god tells us man is his grass
and so this this skin was was burned and
and the and the surface level was just
mud red mud there were towers
things were were taken care of and then
the man that i see spoke softly
and he spoke very softly it reminded me
of the still small voice
that elijah heard you know god was
bringing a season of judgment god was
i was going to be dealing with jezebel
and jezebel was built was dealt with by
but the red dragon we noticed a red
dragon in
revelation chapter 12. and although i
think it definitely
emphasizes china here it was also
emphasis on the antichrist from
revelation chapter 12
uh verses one through three and so the
antichrist you know
not the man but the spirit spirit of
antichrist is already here
john has told us that he cries out in
our world he tries to deceive he tries
deny the power and the authority of god
but when god’s
when that man spoke to me and said the
red dragon has worse enemies than it
i also don’t think this was about
another nation i think this is about the
fact that
in the end when all these nations come
together to go against god
that their enemy and god himself will
defeat them quickly and severely
but that china has no idea these nations
that are against us these nations that
ulterior motives have no idea have no
idea that god almighty is
is going to eventually fight with them
and and they will have to deal with with
that uh the
the the antichrist spirit whispers in
the ears it deceives and influences
you know why else are we seeing nations
nations nations
doing the same kind of lockdowns the
same type of mandates the same type of
policies the same types of ideas
because this antichrist spirit is
whispering the same thing
in their ears and it’s not well hey that
country’s doing this so let’s do it
every country on the planet is having to
listen to what’s going on and try to
figure out
what they need to do the kings represent
the world leaders the presidents the
prime ministers the
the the leaders of the nations but also
believe this is a season
it’s not an end it’s a very very
historical season that we’re in
he made the statement that he was going
to tempt their pride that means
basically reveal their sin
because when you give in the temptation
you are revealing the sin that you go
after the thing that motivates you the
thing that drives you the thing that
the thing that is chained to you that
keeps pulling on you
he also talks about taunting power you
know elijah when he was with the
prophets of baal
remember what he did hey is your god
asleep is he not able to take care of
this you know
and then when it came time to burn his
offer he asked for water and water and
water and water and more and so
in other words there’s going to be
taunting of power hey look what our
nation did well it’s your nation what
does your nation do those things too
and he says that they’re going to lay
tracts and reception this is not from
deception is out there to to get people
to jump on the bandwagon oh well this
country’s doing that maybe we should do
it too
and we’ve seen that we’ve seen that just
since the pandemic that
the plan gimmick was was was prepared
and started back in march of last year
we’ve seen how governors nations
cities places all over the world are
they’ve got to do the same thing to make
sure they’ve got it they’ve got to buy
into the narrative and go from there
but then he says to look up for
redemption draws night you know keep our
eyes on jesus
in the times in the world in which we
live he says to warn the shallow those
of little faith and little knowledge of
the word
that’s why we have to have that’s why we
have to occupy and stand strong in the
face of adversity
and continue to rest our hearts and our
minds and our lord
so to speak in the word of god and not
give out
because he basically and i want to read
this very clearly
look up for your redemption draws near
but one the shallow
fervently that deep roots are needed now
more than
ever and deeper roots for those of you
that have deep roots deeper than they’ve
ever been before
because the things that are coming the
things we’re facing the situations that
we’re going to that are going to be in
our eyes in the headlines new papers
tomorrow the days to follow
i believe over the next couple of months
are are going to cause great distress
frustration uh they’re intended to cause
harm and fear
and we’ve got to stand strong in the
word so so make sure your
make sure you’re keeping your roots deep
deep roots are needed right now
brace endures separate and use the time
that you have to reach the rootless ones
they’re rootless ones they’re rootless
ones folks we’ve got to make sure
ephesians 3 15-21 talks about the deeper
colossians 2 6-9 colossians 3 talks
you know look above our crisis seat at
the right hand of the father
colossians 2 69 says therefore as you
receive christ jesus the lord still
walking him
rooted rooted rooted and built up in him
and established in the faith
just as you were taught abounding and
thanksgiving see to it that no one takes
captive by philosophy and empty deceit
according to human tradition according
to the elementary elemental
spirits of the world and not according
to christ for in him
the whole fullness of deity dwells
so the directive is this brace endure
and use the time that we have to reach
people who do
not know christ and i believe the most
important thing about the message from
the man and the dream is this it’s about
god’s heart cries out for the loss god’s
heart cries out for your neighbors your
family your friends your
your sons your daughters your mothers
your fathers your husbands your wives
your aunts your nephews your uncles
he cries out for those that are lost and
don’t know who jesus is
so we have got to stay focused
on reaching the loss i don’t know the
things that are coming specifically i
believe the lord is showing us that
there are some
some incredible things happening that
are going on right now
with the the far east we know the things
that are happening with china and taiwan
we know that
the threats that china’s made against
against japan if japan jumps in if and
when they were to invade taiwan
we understand that we are a we’re a
trade partner we’re a friend of taiwan
and should
something happen there most likely we
would be involved
militarily so what does that mean it
means that we need to keep our eyes on
now i want to be very careful how i say
what i’m about to say
you need to pray for the chinese
leadership you need to pray for the
chinese nation you need to pray for the
lost in that nation
you pray that those who have who have
surrendered themselves to the communist
values ideas tendencies and and
are able to see the truth and the light
especially the light of the gospel
but they’re not our friends they’re not
our friends
and so that’s why i have concerns about
some of the things that are happening
between america
and and china and uh realized i’m
probably putting a little bit more of a
target on my back by sharing this dream
another reason why i want cheri to be
involved with it i’m just sharing what
i’ve seen folks that’s it i saw these
things this is what i saw
this is what i’ve seen and i wanted to
share it and just let you folks know
that we need to continue to prepare
be ready for whatever comes the mandates
are probably going to get a little bit
sinister a little bit more forceful a
little bit more mandatory
and we need to continue to pray and seek
god’s face
so while you’ve got the time tell
about jesus tell somebody tell
somebody what you’re hearing what you
pray about the dream ask the lord to
show you what you need to do in light of
that’s all i want you to do that’s all i
want you to do
i’m going to continue to share dreams as
i have them
i could care less about the notoriety
you guys know i don’t ask for money
i just want to warn the church i want to
warn people that are lost i want to warn
the lost that jesus is coming
he’s coming soon i want i want i want
the church to wake up and get ready i
want them to
i want them to wake up because the
wolves are in the pews they’re in the
false doctrines false preachers false
messiahs are already stepping up the guy
that they caught
in las vegas knocked on the doors when
they rested him he said he was the holy
uh there there’s a guy in in australia
who claims to be jesus in the flesh
and jesus said when you hear it when
they say it’s me it’s me don’t go
it’s not me we ought to know that but
he’s trying to warn the church he’s
trying to warn the world so folks
stay rooted stay grounded and go after
the rootless ones
do whatever you can to make a difference
in someone’s life all right
appreciate you watching this appreciate
you sharing
what you need to share with others and
the lost around you
but let’s make a difference for the lord
okay pray about it and do what you feel
you need to do with this dream
but i appreciate listening


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