TORNADO DREAM – Marty Breeden


October 23, 2019
Marty Breeden

First allow me to preface this dream by saying that for many years the Lord would show me a tornado in a dream to warn me of things personally, that we’re going to come against me and it was always 100% accurate!

I would have a tornado dream at night, and quite often within a matter of days, sometime within a matter of hours something would surely come against me, but I had been warned by the tornado dream.

Last night for the first time in years I saw a large TORNADO!!!
There were warning sirens and I could even hear the Watchmen in the background warning,yelling to the people to
“RUN!!!! ….RUN!!!!……RUN!!!”

Some people heeded the warnings and ran for safety and cover, yet others paid no attention but continued to walk around as if nothing was coming!!

Some even walked directly into the tornado itself, despite the sirens despite the warnings, they walked directly into its path!!!

This was odd portion of the dream but I saw people’s wallets and purses flying everywhere and I can see pictures of their loved ones and credit cards and money and everything being swept up in this VORTEX !!!

It was stunning to see the magnitude of this tornado and the damage caused!!

Some,.. as they THEMSELVES were being caught up in the vortex, STILL seemed to pay no attention, that they were being utterly destroyed and continued on their daily routine ignoring that they were about to be seconds away from death…..
In my mind I remember thinking:

“Why aren’t they calling out for salvation?
Why aren’t they calling out to be saved?”
“WHY are they not calling out out to the Lord???”
“All is ending for them yet they will not, EVEN NOW humble themselves even in the midst of this great tragedy!!”……

I awoke….
I believe a SUDDEN but power Tornado type VORTEX is about to hit this nation and this world…
So many are NOT PREPARED!!!!!
And it WILL catch them unaware!!!

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