Too Much – Ruth Johnson / OrnaW

Too Much

August 30, 2021 3:24 PM
Ruth Johnson

Too much
Too long
The powers that be
Have stifled our song
Mask up
Ask us
What you can
And cannot do
Trust us
Obey us
We are your captain
You are our crew
Isolation will do.

In the time of the end
I Will gather you together,
We will be a family once again.
From all of the lands
You have all been scattered
This is all that matters
To the Great I AM!

Hail the Chief
Of the Mighty Holy Army
Mounted on white horses,
Armed to the teeth!
Hail the Bride
Of the dozen tribes,
Hear their song
The Son doth bequeath!

Thunder! Lightning!
Fire and blood!
Mountains melting,
Oceans flood!

In the time of the end
There will be an earthquake
The likes of which
There has never been before!
Darkness, shaking,
Hell bonds breaking,
Spooks and haunts
Beating at you door!

Run! Hide!
In the Lord abide!
Pray! Say!
We know it is the Day
Of the Great Reckoning
Our God is beckoning
Heed His Call
To us all!

Too much
Too long
Nothing is right
Everything is wrong
Abandon the world
And back our Lord!
The warriors above
With the God of Love!

Enough is enough
Is enough is enough!
The going is rough
He is calling the tough!
Do not sin!
Do not give in!
Do not back down!
Bow to the Crown
Of Him the Almighty
The Ancient of Days
The Lord of Spirits
Do what He Says!
The Lord of Light
He Will fight!
Soon will come
The victory
Our Saviour won
For all history
By His Sacrifice!

All-right! All-right! All-right!
Hup two three four
Who do we love forevermore?
Five six seven eight
He Who opened Heaven’s Gate!
Nine ten eleven twelve
Apostles in His Word do tell
The Way to go!
The Truth to learn!
The Life to gain
In Heaven
Not in hell!

End times,
End of time,
Eternity is on the line!
No more beginning,
No more end,
Everlasting Life
With our Best Friend!
Hang on to your hat
He is coming up to bat
Let’s all run Home
Where we all belong
With Him!
With Him!
With Him!
We win!!!


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