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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Dream

August 23, 2020 5:18 PM

I want to share a dream I had in May of 2020.

In the dream I was at a dinner party, in a mansion owned by Tom Hanks. We were all standing around talking, next to the dinner table. I was talking to a young man who looked about 20 years old. I understood that we were the “upstairs” “acceptable” people, and there were different people in the basement. I understood the basement was extremely dangerous and the people were either very violent, drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, mentally ill etc…

Tom Hanks had set a criteria for who was allowed to be upstairs, and who had to be downstairs. I knew I had been deemed acceptable to be upstairs. The criteria to be upstairs was: non-violent, intelligent (average at minimum, preferably above average), no drugs or too much alcohol, able to hold a conversation with eye contact and normal social behavior. The standard was not extremely high, but it was not based on true character. I was extremely disturbed and unhappy being there. I didn’t want to be downstairs because it was so dangerous, but I also didn’t want to be upstairs because I was so disgusted by Tom Hanks moral character. There were 2 choices and no where else to go. I had to be upstairs, or down. I stayed upstairs because of how physically dangerous the basement was, but I was not happy with this either.

The young man I was speaking with was very kind, non-violent, no drugs etc… but he was not very intelligent. I really liked him because he was so sweet. He also seemed to be Mexican or White and Mexican and this did not dawn on me (or the possible significance of it until after I woke up from the dream). Tom Hanks decided this man was not acceptable to be upstairs and told him he wanted him to be the manager of his (Toms Hanks) mushroom shop in the basement. Tom Hanks had apparently decided that while the basement people were not “acceptable” to be upstairs, he wanted to make money off them, by selling them hallucinogenic mushrooms.

I was obviously very upset knowing this kind young man was going to be sent to the basement just because he didn’t have as high of an IQ as Tom Hanks required. I was worried for his safety.

Then, I had to use the bathroom and I knew the only bathroom was in the basement. I was really scared to go down there and I asked if anyone would come with me. 8 men volunteered to go with me. The basement was THAT dangerous, that all of us felt at least 8 men were required to go down there together. All of these men were also very muscular, tall and strong.

Tom Hanks said to me: “so you are going to put their lives at risk?” and I said: “we have no choice because the only bathroom is in the basement.”

We all headed down the stairs and I was at the back of the line. When we got down there, the man walking right in front of me turned around and began telling me I was pretty, and asked me on a date. The other 7 men went ahead into the dark hallways and we lost sight of them. The womens bathroom was next to us so myself and this one man went in. The bathroom was absolutely disgusting. There was water all over the floor, the floor was uneven so half of it was flooded almost to my knees, it was very dirty, toilet paper and feces were clogging the toilets and spilling out, and the stalls had broken doors: so there was no privacy.

I decided I had no choice and that I would just not sit all the way down (obviously). I asked the man to turn around. Just as I was about to use the toilet, a crazy man ran into the bathroom to attack us. He was much larger and taller than the man I was with. I thought we wouldn’t be able to overpower him but the man I was with, calmly and casually pulled out some mace, and sprayed his eyes. I thought: oh, that was easier than I anticipated. End of Dream.

It is important to note that I don’t know much about Tom Hanks. I know he is an actor of course, and have seen many of his films throughout my life. However, I don’t know anything about him personally. Even as a teenager and then as an adult, I have never been impressed by celebrities, nor disliked them. I have always just seen them as people and throughout my life have annoyed others when they say they “love” or “like” a celebrity, I sometimes respond with: “Why? You don’t know them.” Basically, I am neutral and could care less if someone is famous. Fame, money or power does not sway me to like someone more or find them more believable, but it also doesn’t cause me to dislike them. I don’t read about celebrities or watch interviews, and very rarely have unless I have a dream about someone in particular. Since this dream, I have looked into a few things about Tom Hanks.

Most disturbing to me in light of this dream, was the virtual commencement speech he gave to Ohio college graduates in May 2020. He said:

“I am calling you ‘chosen ones’ because you have been chosen in many ways,” Hanks said. “First, by the temperament and discipline you’ve lived by, by the creative fires that are inside of you and the instinctive lunges of your desires… You succeeded because of the aid and the love of others that are in your lives, without a doubt. But you have succeeded mostly because you, and you alone, chose to do so.”

“You are the chosen ones because of a fate unimagined when you began your Wright State adventures,” Hanks said. “You started in the olden times, in a world back before the Great Pandemic of 2020. You will talk of those earlier years in your lives in just that way.”
“You will be enlightened in ways your degree never held in promise. You will have made it through a time of great sacrifice and great need. No one will be more fresh to the task of restarting our normalcy than you — our chosen ones,” the 63-year-old star added.

“The future is always uncertain,” Hanks said when concluding his virtual speech. “But we who celebrate what you have done, who celebrate all of your achievements, we are certain of one thing on this day: You will not let us down.”

It is no coincidence I was given this dream by the Lord, and then found this speech, confirming what I was shown. Many of us understand how these people speak. it is always cryptic with a double (or more!) meaning.

I believe this dream was insight into the thought process of Tom Hanks and probably many other elites who share his twisted vision of the future.

Tom Hanks wanted the “upstairs” to be free from violence, drugs, crime etc…

This is what many people (myself included) want. Most of us do not want to be around violence, drugs or crime. This would be a sane thought process if it weren’t for the total lack of compassion and love for any of them. He didn’t care, for example, if a broken and abused woman who drank too much, was raped and abused in the basement because she was simply an “undesirable”. She is an alcoholic, so to the basement with her!

He didn’t care if the young man was kind, safe and compassionate: he wasn’t smart enough. He didn’t care if it was a person with a mental illness like schizophrenia or someone with a head injury. This was not character based. The people who decided who was “desirable” or “undesirable” were extremely dangerous and evil, they just looked more “safe” on the surface. They didn’t truly care about anyone but themselves. They just wanted to be rid of who they saw as holding them back. The majority of the “desirable” people were normal people, who simply didn’t understand the problem and were happy to have been “chosen” to be upstairs.

I have an idea of the meaning of the bathroom portion of the dream, but if anyone is given an interpretation by the holy spirit, please share it below.

Notice how Tom Hanks says to the graduates: “you will have made it through a time of great sacrifice”. On this surface this could be taken as the sacrifices they have made to achieve their education, but I don’t think this is what he really meant. I believe he meant they made it through the sacrifices done by the elite to cull the herd in their murderous quest to rid the world of “undesirables”. Their goal is a “utopia” on earth. Without Jesus, there will be no true peace.

Remember everyone, the Devil poses as an angel of light. Underneath the goal of safety and “peace” in Tom Hanks mansion, was a total lack of compassion, forgiveness and grace that we have been so blessed to receive from Jesus. It is ironic that rather than extending grace, compassion, help, and hope to the basement dwellers, Tom Hanks chose to banish and abandon them alone… to be consumed together. He didn’t reach out his hand to lift them up. Instead he exploited them to fatten his own wallet, and trapped them to kill and hurt each other, with no escape for anyone who wanted to change, who needed help, or who simply had not been born with the intellectual capacity of some others.

In a twist of fate, this will be the very thing done to those who wished to do it to others, because they themselves didn’t reach up and grab the hand of Jesus. He has extended it to them and in the end if they do not take his hand and be lifted up, they themselves will become the basement dwellers, consumed in evil and horror together.

God bless you all brothers and sisters. I love you and while these things are very heart-breaking, remember to smile and be glad, because we have taken the hand of grace and will be lifted up. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God. Some of these people deemed “undesirable” by the world, will grab the hand of grace and be lifted up in the end. Unless Tom Hanks changes his mind, he will be the one looking up at them, from the “basement”.









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