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Together We Will Overcome!

December 17, 2020 1:41 PM

5 December 2019
2;47 am
Kislev 7

“Woe to America, you have pushed Me too far. I won’t hold back My judgments any longer. I will vomit you out of My Mouth, all of you who work iniquity. I can’t let this evil continue.” I said Father, You said “Prayer Changes Things”, to me before, “Yes,” said the Father, “but how many in America are praying? Not many.” Then the Father said to me, “I want you to pray and continue praying for everyone now sailing on the USS Abraham Lincoln, and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers. Also, pray for all the men and women on the ships that accompany them. I will give each person on those ships a chance to repent, and to accept Me as their Lord and Savior. Pray that many will come into the Kingdom of God, this must be done now! Many evil men in other nations are planning the destruction of America.

How else can I stop the killing of My babies and the selling of their body parts for profit. These babies are being murdered as a blood sacrifice to satan. I have given your President a chance to stop all abortions in America, but he is not listening to Me. I must stop the evil and the wickedness that continues to get worse and worse. How can I stop it without destroying this nation? You tell Me.” I said Father, I wish there was another way. The Father said, “I love and have mercy on the lukewarm Christians but they won’t repent, how will I ever get the ultra rich men of this world, who take their orders from satan, to repent? They think satan is god, and that I AM their enemy. America will be destroyed!” I said Father, I’ve been hoping and praying that refuges and places of safety would be built and established by You, here in America, before You would allow destruction in our country. The Father said, “Those that are Mine, those that have given their lives to Me, I will take care of them and protect them. They must trust Me and not fear.” Father, I said, just thinking about what you have said is a little fearful. Father, help your people to have perfect love for You and others, especially others who do evil to your people. Help us to forgive quickly, and to know that You are always with us. The Father said, “My Son Jesus, Yahushua, is all you need, He is your answer to everything! Yahushua and I will love and protect and provide for our Family. We will make a way, where there seems to be no way! Yahushua is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Believe this and tell others. Follow your King Yahushua, don’t let Him out of your sight! The devil will cause much trouble, trying to make you fearful. You must spend as much time in My Word and in prayer as possible! Sue and you, and others that are close to Me, who hear the Voice of My Spirit, must bring comfort and Shalom to your families, and to your friends and to others I bring to you. Hard times are coming. Be strong and have great courage, always sharing My Son, Yahushua, with others. This way, all of us together, will overcome!”

Your Heavenly Father,


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