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Today? or 1000 years?

Sept 23, 2019

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hi guys it’s September 23rd 2019
I received a word this morning I’m gonna
go ahead and put this up I was looking
for Scripture and for confirmation and I
always used to use sticky notes as my
titles for my videos and after I got
this word I was praying and I flipped my
Bible open randomly and I had some
sticky notes stuck in on top of one
another and this is the order that they
were stuck in on top of one another the
first one says
surely I come quickly the next one says
do not be misled and the last one says
go to my word I thought that was funny
and it’s exactly what then the scripture
that I opened to is f17 and so I
encourage you all to read that Acts
chapter 1 to go along with this word and
I’ll go ahead and put this up the Lord
had a little conversation with me and I
wrote it down I’ve become lazy and
complacent in my waiting I don’t pick up
my Bible enough I don’t spend enough
time in prayer I don’t spend enough time
praying for the last and I don’t call
upon Jesus and His Holy Spirit for hope
these things are all true with me he’s
brought me through a journey where I
used to listen to every single prophetic
message that I could and ended up
disappointed so many times with my heart
sinking as days would pass when people
set dates and I finally just quit doing
that because I couldn’t take it anymore
and it was it was a distraction because
what he showed me is that I wasn’t
spending time seeking Him I was spending
time seeking the next prophetic word
that I could get my ears on and it
really shook my life for a couple of
years doing that because I kept you know
I wanted to get rescued Audigier I
didn’t I wasn’t calling upon him for
helped her I was just waiting to get out
of her and he’s trying to show us that
we don’t need to be waiting to get out
of here as much as we need to be calling
upon him constantly and he is right next
to us
so why don’t we use
why don’t we follow up on him constantly
instead of just wishing for a rescue and
sitting and doing nothing so here’s this

my daughter write my words for those
with ears to hear many are still
distracted by the words and warnings of
men men are fallible and they make
mistakes they may hear correctly but
their but they apply their own timelines
this is why I say to my children with
each day as if it will be that day that
I will come and live each day as if you
have a thousand more years to live it is
not easy for some to do this they become
lazy they become complacent and they
allow the enemy to attack them what
supplies everyday should be cherished
and every moment should be spent in
surrender to your Savior giving your
life over
moment by moment to the direction of the
Holy Spirit and listening for his
direction he speaks softly so if you are
distracted by this world
you will not be able to hear him so many
things that there was a long time to
wait so they become lazy and quit trying
to hear others drowns him out because
they only listen to the voices and
predictions of men and fail to study my
word and spend time learning Who I am
I assure you time and time again my
daughter my timing is perfect
it cannot be altered as it is set in
stone I know the end from the beginning
and to me a day is like a thousand years
and a thousand years are like a thing
truly I say to you I am by your side at
this moment though you do not see me in
the physical I am here for you all ease
so though I may seem slow in your eyes I
am here now it is my promise to you that
my word will be fulfilled and it will be
fulfilled perfectly and in my timing
this could mean today or this could mean
a thousand years from today
but if you are with me Rasheed my peace
receive my help in all trouble lift your
face to me and receive me fully I wish
no harm to come to my flock but the only
way you can stay under the protection of
my wing is to stay safely tucked
underneath it there are prophetic events
taking place of these words are being
written by my scribe yes be aware of
them and share your insights when
directed to do so but be careful in
doing so that you do not add to what I
show you the weakened heart those that
are in struggle believe rescue is their
only hope they wish to be snatched away
from their current situations giving
them more than what I show you creates
and them applause hopes and with this
they give up and fail to seek me for
immediate attention and comfort I say to
you I am right beside you now and there
is power by my blood and by my name use
it do not sit like a leading duck hunted
by the hunter there is power and my word
in my name and in my blood I shed for
you available at this very moment
receive this power walk and the
my power I provide to you should be your
primary focus visit horrible you simply
sit back and let the enemy dictate the
outcomes of your being I am Here I am
beside you I hear your purse and though
my answers are not always what you
expect I do answer and just as with my
perfect timing with the end of all
things you know upon your earth my
timing in your life is perfect if you
surrender to me open your hearts now my
children receive me receive my answers
receive my mercy receive my Grace
receive my healing receive my power and
receive my will over your life no longer
fall victim to the lies of the enemy and
no longer be that sitting duck pray to
the hunter put your armor on and walk in
my power for I am by your side and as I
promise I will never leave her for
safety if you are a willing student I
will never leave you where I found you
whatever your capacity is learn me to
your fullest I can use every child of
mine even if you don’t
I am using you I am fact not in your own
strength but in mine I love you my
children love Yeshua HaMashiach

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