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Today Is The Day – Janice Sharp

By Janice Sharp

Today Is The Day


Today is the day that I have made, rejoice and be glad in it. Rejoice, for the day of reckoning is at hand. No more will they say, where is the promise of His coming? For every eye will see and every knee will bow to My power and glory. Come unto Me, all who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.

Write about the ones who wind their watches to the beat of their own drums, waiting upon their King who comes up from the pit. Nimrod will rule his children once again. They have manipulated the DNA found buried beneath the tombs of the ancient ones.

So many will be fooled by their ancient lies told once more to ensnare the ones that do not belong to Me. Watch for the ones who call upon the Lord of the Flies to save them. Barack Hussein Obama will manifest his destiny when the keepers of the crypt start to bend the hands of time back to 1776 when they began their ritual and dedicated the land of the plumed serpent to the serpent king. Woe unto them who follow these entities and listen to their lies.

I came across this video when I looked up what “plumed serpent” meant. Very interesting indeed.

Talk to those I put on your mind. You know who they are. And do not forget to wash the filth off every day for the world is very dark. Yes there will be 3 days of darkness and it will happen when the snow owl comes in to roost.


The Russians will be blamed for much of the war, but the wicked ones have made it so. They will fire the missiles from their base in the Antarctic at all the targets, forcing Israel to attack her enemies, then starting their final war.

Do not worry about any of these things for all must come to pass. Watch and pray, seeking ONLY My Face at this time. I will have you go to those I choose and equip you with what you will need. Summer will not come for you. The lamps will need to be lit for others to show them the way. Sit a while longer. Do not shorten your time doing My Will. The merry-go-round will come to a stop at the time of the Spring Equinox, halting the hands of time.


No more will I answer to those who call out to the god of fortresses. They shall see that their offerings have been in vain. Write of the men who cover all the sorceries and lies stolen from the treasuries of time. Melted wax from fallen candles toppled from the halls of the fortified walls.

Now listen, for I will not say this again. Write of the ones who have now started their final countdown. They say, we shall sit as queens, who sees us and who knows us. They laugh and mock my children, seeing them as helpless lambs being led to the slaughter. They will be stopped in their tracks by My mighty hand. I come against them and they will stand no more. The wicked have come to their final door, for when they walk through it, they will fall to their eternal damnation. This is enough now, so watch what I will do.

Time to count the cost of their deceptions and be weighed in the balance of time. Woe to those who sought after the counsel of the wilted ones. They drag as many as they can to the fiery pit, for they know where they are going. Hell is real and it has expanded for the likes of these warlocks.

I say to you, Come Up Hither! Do not doubt this, be vigilant, for Satan prowls the land searching for who he may devour. The Watchers come from the pit, through the veil they have been called. No time to waste now, for the clock strikes midnight. The trumpet shall sound and the dead in Christ will rise first, then those who remain will be caught up to be with Me in the clouds. Only those who have made themselves ready will hear My trumpet sound. Pray to be counted worthy to escape all that is coming upon the earth. Search for the lost ones and pull them up by the hand.


Do not let doubts cloud your mind, but stay right at My side. No more will the summer sun be felt on your skin. No more will the roses bloom and fade. Take heart and search My scriptures for the wisdom and I will meet you.

Update: July 4, 2017

I was praying and asking the Lord why He had said the summer sun will not be felt on my skin because it is summer now and this is what He said: “I told you that the rays of the sun will not reach your skin because they have been obfuscated by man’s technology of the fallen that blocks the light. They have created their own system to hide My Day Light through their wicked hands. They have plotted against Me and My Annointed at every step and they will rue the day they were born. When they see Me for who I AM, they will repent not, but go into the pit. Mercy is for those who have called out to Me in repentance“.



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