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TO WAR OR NOT TO WAR – Alison Pound

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November 12, 2023 7:57 PM
Alison Pound

In Australia the army is ramping up. Darwin is in the process of fortifying its base there. Garden Island is fortifying. You have heard things on the news that your Government is spending more on defence, and sending arms overseas. Your Government has agreed to support America and all NATO forces.
This nation of Australia is in trouble.

She is in trouble with Me!

I do not speak of financial trouble, although this is the case. I do not speak of the housing crisis, although there is one.

There is a crisis of faith. And this is what I speak of.

Australians are following the ways of wicked nations. Governments are following after wicked nations.

Australia is in trouble. I have a controversy with this people.

If she (Australia) arms herself and goes to war, I will not be with her.

This is a very serious thing.

Already she makes armoured vehicles and weapons for other nations who are at war.

This is coming very close to a line I have drawn.

A line that your government is unaware of, as they do not know Me or acknowledge Me.

Yet when they cross that line, regardless of whether they knew about it or not, there will be a consequence.
I will not be with Australia if they cross that line and go to war. (end of word)

Please pray for Australia, the government and the people, that they will not cross that line that the Lord has drawn.

Alison Pound.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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