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…to those My Spirit leads – April Denise Stefko

…to those My Spirit leads

April 7, 2022 1:49 PM
April Denise Stefko




“Andes Mountains will be drowned with a wave. Mourning of many. America distracted, slumbering… as judgement comes. CERN opening to wicked entities. Desert storm will uncover plans of Putin. Sweden is not beyond corruption. Japan, earthquake will shake; monsoon. Colorado will be ocean. Bay of Santa Cruz will be inundated with kelp. Children will be starving in your community. Evil elite will commence persecution as famine spreads. Specialty foods will be gone. Ween yourselves off all sugar, dairy, and alcohol. Limit yourself to protein and necessary fats. Whole grains are necessary for brain function. Probiotics are needed for overall health. Boundaries of your food should be to those who My Spirit leads. ~ Yeshua”

– April Denise Stefko

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