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To The People Of America, Repent! Your Judgment Will Begin Soon! – Hisforgiven1 


To The People Of America, Repent! Your Judgment Will Begin Soon!

February 1, 2021 9:53 PM

1 February 2021

Jeremiah 18: 7,8 At one moment I may speak about a nation or a Kingdom, to up root, to pull down, or to destroy it. But if that nation turns from their evil, because of what I have spoken against it, I will relent, concerning the calamity that I planned to do to it.

I AM Alpha and Omega, I Am Alef and Tav, the Beginning and the Ending, saith Yahushua, I AM He Who Was, Who Is, and Who Is To Come, the Almighty! I have a warning, but who is there among you that will listen and heed My Word? My warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Who is left that will hear what I have to say? How many are there who’s mind and heart is seeking after Me anymore? For there are very few. Yes, life goes on, but every day that passes is one day closer to My return. Before My return, many things must happen. But you say why do I need to be concerned about the future? Why do I even need to read the Book of Revelation, or any of the writings of the prophets? You say, the rapture is coming, and I’m getting out of here. Oh yeah? Who said that? I didn’t say that, says Yahushua. That’s what I heard all of my life, you say, all the churches are saying it. But I ask you, are you reading My Word? Are you even trying to study it? But you say, Well, none of the churches ever taught the Book of Revelation, because its too hard to understand, with all of its symbols and signs, and the books of the Old Testament, aren’t they just talking about things that happen to Israel thousands of years ago?

But I tell you the truth says Yahuah Elohim. You are becoming like the idols you worship. You have eyes, but you do not see, You have ears, but you do not hear. You have a mouth, but you do not speak the Words of Elohim, you speak the words of the world. America, My heart goes out to you. I have blessed you and Israel above every nation on earth. I have loved you and protected you and have cared for you like a loving mother who cares for her new born baby. I have watched over you, pouring My tender mercies upon you since birth. But now you have grown up, you have turned away from Me. You have forgotten your Creator. When I speak to you, you don’t listen to me any more. I Am your Creator, and have provided your every need. I have loved you as I love my own Son. But now, you listen to and obey the evil one, and follow his ways. My ways, you have forsaken. Now, I must forsake you. United States of America, you have thought you were one nation under God. Even on your money, you write “In God We Trust” But those who put that phrase on your money, were not honoring Me, but were honoring the fallen one, the one who I created, but who turned his back on Me, and I cast him out of my Heaven with all of his followers. Those in control of your government, and those who have been in control of your nation for many many years have believed his lie, and they have worshiped him, along with all the other nations of the world. They have lied to you all of your life, and now, most of you in America and the world, have become like them. Most of the people in America and in the world follow after the evil one, satan.

I have pleaded with you, and the people of the world to repent and ask forgiveness of their sins, and to turn their hearts and lives to ME for many many years. My Son, Jesus, Yahushua, came to this earth to teach all, how that they may have eternal life. He lived and shed His blood and died so that all who believe on Him may have forgiveness of sins and live with Us forever and ever. But now, I tell you, your time has run out.

But OH! How I love those who love Me! Those who have accepted My Son, Yahushua, as their Savior. I long to be with you, and to bring you home with Me. I want to show you where My Son and I live, and We want to show you our Glory! Please be patient, seek Me with your whole heart, I Am with you, and will never leave you or forsake you.

Before I bring you home with me, My Holy Word must be fulfilled. But don’t be afraid of what is coming upon your world. Many disasters are coming to your nation and the world. They are coming to the wicked and the ungodly, who have turned their backs on me repeatedly. But millions who have turned their backs on me, I will have mercy upon, and will give them more chances to receive my Son, as their Savior. There will be many of you, my beloved ones whom I love with all My Heart, who will be in the midst of disasters coming. Many of my people will come through them unharmed. But thousands and thousands I will take home with Me. I tell you again, do not be fearful, for I will take you to be with me in Heaven, even a second before any harm or pain comes to your physical body. Even in the future, when things get real bad, tens of thousands of My precious loved ones will be martyred. Don’t fear what man can do to you. For I will take you to be with Me before a bullet touches you. Others I will take to be with Me before a blade touches you. Be strong under persecution, when they try to force you to take the RFID chip. They will try to disguise it, and make it seem like it’s the best thing that could ever happen to you. They will say that this is genetic enhancement, which will benefit all areas of your life. You will live much longer and never get sick, you will have much more energy and on and on. Don’t believe their lies, reject everything from them, for they are from the evil one. Know that I Am standing next to you and holding your hand. The hard times and persecution will not last long, you will soon be with me for eternity. Make up your mind now that you will be faithful to Me, as I AM faithful to you. Remember, that I first died for you that you may live with Me forever, and that I bore your pain, and you will not be harmed by the sting of death. I will even reveal to many of those who will be martyred before the time happens, that they will be martyred for their faith in Me. Be strong, for your reward will be great! Share with those who are weak, not to give into their lies, but to be strong, and I will be right next to them to help them. Those who do change their minds, who will reject me, will immediately be lost for eternity. For the chip, or mark, or the number of his name, even the name of the beast, will change their human DNA, so that they are not human anymore, they will be lost forever. They will not be able to change their mind, even a minute later and repent, for it is unchangeable. They will be losing their place in eternity with My Father and Me. A place of love, joy, and peace, a place of happiness and rest forever. They who reject Me will be exchanging all this for a little food and just a few more days before they are taken to hell and later to the lake of fire for eternity.

As for right now, soon earthquakes will begin to shake up your nation, not just at the west coast but in other areas of the nation. A very large earthquake on the other side of the Pacific ocean will cause earthquakes on the west coast of America. Many of you say, Oh, I’ve heard that earthquakes will hit California at any time, everyone knows that. But what you don’t know is what the intensity of the coming earthquakes will be, and how it will greatly affect the rest of your nation.

Many will think they will be safe, because they aren’t living in an earthquake zone. But, I ask you, can you see underneath your feet into the ground and see the moving of the plates? So don’t be so sure, but pray, now! Before these things break up America, especially when parts of the west coast break off and fall into the ocean. For great fear will come upon this nation as the judgments increase. Pray now that America repents, and pray for My mercy, that My judgments are lessened. Pray that America turns back to their Creator while they still have time. Everyday is very important. Pray for your nation now! While you still have one.

To the people of the East coast. I have loved you and blessed you, and have always desired that you would repent and turn to Me, your Savior, I shed My Blood for you. But I know you won’t repent. To the ones I have loved with all My heart, My Righteous Ones, I desire that you would move away, far away from the East coast, before the water comes. But many of you because of your circumstances, are unable to move to a new location, I will bring you home with Me in an instant. Pray and intercede for your family and friends and the lost. Because the disaster will come very soon. For the islands will be covered over with water, and great devastation will come to Florida and the East coast. No nation on earth, including America will see it coming. For I will cast it Myself from Heaven, in space above the earth, it will break through the dimensional barrier, hitting the Atlantic Ocean with an explosion never before seen on earth. This asteroid will trigger earthquakes world wide. Prepare My people, seek My Face, pray without ceasing, for I Am coming very soon!

From Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You, and
Your King, Who Died For You, That You May Live,


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