To the Mockers of the Coronavirus – Dana Matas

To the Mockers of the Coronavirus

March 10, 2020 10:59 PM
Dana Matas

My name is Dana Matas. Following is a revelation I revived from the Lord in March 10, 2020.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear: God did not create the Coronavirus BUT He is allowing it.

Apparently the earthquakes, floods, and locust infestation in diverse places were not enough to get our attention. Now we have a global pestilence on our hands and still so many mock and ignore, saying “What’s the big deal?” “Stop spreading fear.” “This is all just political!”

My guess is the Egyptians responded in kind to Moses when the first few waves of God’s judgement appeared. And yet God started out merciful, leaving the worst of His judgements for last.

Church, with all those years studying the Bible, claiming that America is a Christian nation, is it really that difficult for us to see the writing on the wall? What will it take for God to get our attention? Why do we always assume that America is appointed to God’s blessing and never to His wrath while continuing to do the things He hates most?

At this rate, it will only be by God’s grace that America doesn’t suffer the likes of China, Iran and Italy…or worse, Egypt.

He said that in these days there would be mockers and scoffers. Let’s receive these warnings with humility, turning away from sin and turning to God. Let us beg for forgiveness for the areas in our lives where we have abused His amazing grace.

We may not need to fear the Corona virus, but fear of the Lord is not to be mocked—it is the beginning of wisdom.

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