To the keepers of my Oasis – Mike M.

A message to the keepers of my Oasis

August 31, 2019
Mike M.

And to the owners of the Oasis (plural): See that you, as having been chosen for such a task, provide shelter for the special and poor wanderers-the hidden parts of my body, my special child-like ones, the ill, the needy, those with incomplete capacities who need looking after. For you stewards of my Oasis know who you are. For I raise up a standard against you and your wealth, which is really my wealth, says the Lord. I can give and I can take away. There is also a time for blessing and cursing. My patience has run out for you who have and do not give-those who can do good but decide to please yourselves, instead. My anger is kindled against you. For your excess I gave to you to help the least of these. Instead you have created temples to yourselves in which to worship me & also temples to live in, where you worship your own abilities and actions and boast, “look what I have built! Look what I have done with my own hands and abilities! I have done this!! I have only ME to thank! Therefore, I will do as I please with MY money and success!” And I tell you, because of your arrogance and pride, I will come swiftly and make an example of you. Do not be surprised because I will do it. My warnings, patience, kindness, and gentle reasoning have gone before the rise of my anger against you, but now I come swiftly with the canker worm, the rust, the sudden destruction of your selfish empires to dethrone you. I will give your portions into the hands of those I know will be better stewards. You are without excuse. I have warned you. My warnings are everywhere. My anger is burning bright against you. You hide the talents I have given you for your own use later? You have continually, without repentance hidden the talents I entrusted to you. You have an abundance yet see around you those you call brother and sister and you love them not in deed. You watch their most vital needs unmet for fear of releasing some of the extra in the storehouse which has been sown into you. I move on you and stir the waters, yet you pay me no attention. So I will come and take your talents. This is my final warning. I discipline those I love. I chastise all who I call a Son or Daughter. Remember ALL of my words and repent. You seek me out. I cannot always spoon feed you. Talk to me. Argue your case against your greed and selfishness.

You must obey as dutiful soldiers when I give the order. Go when I say go. Give when I say give. My supplies are not limited, but as you are oh simple minded man- just a man. This is the faith that shall please me and I will move on your behalf. These are the costs for you to count. For heavy rewards come with heavy prices for your mortal lives to pay.

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