To the Dead Man Walking – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

To the Dead Man Walking

October 15, 2018

The day looms toward, the day of exposure. Nothing hidden will remained covered, did you not know this? You carry on as if this will never be for you deceive others very well, even yourself. You’ve made a well acted play among all that you know for they see the fake you. Oh, you are so very skilled at presenting the character they all see in you. You are so lovable and kind, everybody’s friend. They do not see as I see, the black soul that is within you. How you are a stench to my nostrils. For everything you are, all that you do – I hate with great passion. You are an abomination to Me as you have stored within you My wrath. Did you really think that I would not see? That because you have gotten away with this way of life, that I somehow have overlooked this? This is your deception that will bring you to the pit of hell where you belong! Don’t you see that you are My enemy? That I am fixed to bring you to devastation – into eternity? Yet even in this, you still have hope. For I am a God who forgives all who would turn away from the sin that they love and have been imprisoned by. Do not be deceived any longer, for I am not mocked – and will do all as I say I will do; receive all who turn to Me and believe in Me – that I died for all so they would be saved from sin – or, I will judge you and condemn you to death to suffer everlasting for the sins you love so much. You see, My arm is not shortened that it cannot save the gravest of sinner who looks unto Me for Salvation, nor is My wrath able to overlook any who reject the Redeemer of their souls. The day of grace is today, for you – choose this day where you will reside for eternity, do not play any longer the game of death. For each day you continue, is a day where you grow farther from your way of escape. For the suffering you dread now, in the turning from sin – is nothing compared to the suffering that sin will be for you forever – have ears to hear today the cost of sin you enjoy now will be to you – and repent, for truly your life depends upon this. In this day, you will have your eyes opened to the lie you have lived and I will fill you with the Spirit who is truth, the way and life. I will reveal to you who I AM and you will never be the same again!

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