To the 7 churches which hold the 7 LAMPSTANDS – Olasubomi Williams

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To the 7 churches which hold the 7 LAMPSTANDS

April 10, 2024 8:25 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Revelation 2:3, 1Corinthians 13:1-3 Jeremiah 23

To the 7 churches of God. I YAHUAH ELOHIM speak to you this day to my son Yahusha. Get ready to go to Fury trials. As my hand of protection leave this earth more specifically to the United States of America. I will try you and we find you thoroughly full stop to my angel who got the temples, you are to keep watch and protect my children who recite with me.

My Saint, I have said this and I will say again. Do not be afraid for I am with you. I am your deliverer and your conquer, your protector. I will deliver you in your time of need. Satan only knows beats and pieces of my plan. He does not know the full scope. He thinks he is like me and that he will twart my plan but I Yahusha I’m in control and I will review myself to you all in times to come. He will know that I have been in control or this one.

When I mean there is no end to my authority slash rulership, there is no end. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Have faith in me and trust me in all things and I will deliver you. This world is coming to an end for stop to not put your feet in this already perishing look towards the world that is to come.

Now I must speak to my seven churches and I must deliver judgments to each and every one of them:

1. To the church of Ephesus: These ones are loyal and diligent to me. They hate the things I hate and love the things I love. They are diligent towards my words and my works. However in their diligence they have forgotten me. They have straight away from my love by harbouring hatred for the world as well as some of the seven churches. This ones are faithful but loveless. The most come back to me in humility and should stop walking in pride because of the accolades they receive in me for stop did I not see that if a virtuous man leads righteousness and commit iniquities that he’s righteous works will be forgotten. Did I not also say that if a man speaks with the tongue of men and angels for those not have love, then he is like in loud noise and a clunking cymbal onto me. Come back to me and let me teach you how to love, how to have charity for one another even to your enemies.

2. To the church in Smyrna: they are the first and the last they were once dead in their feet on now they have come back to life. There are some amongst them who proclaimed themselves to be Jews but are not. The operates as this synagogue of satan. This is the refined church. The church who are willing to go to persecution. To late all down for me. However, there are some within the church whom I will weed out so they do not corrupt the whole body with their falsities.
These are the synagogue of Satan and I will output them in the time of the end. The faithful wants will go to tribulation for 10 days before they are eventually killed or released. They do not deny me hence come up they shall we see the crown of life in the Kingdom to come.

3. To the church in pagamos: this is the corrupted church. The church of the martyrs for stop this is where Satan has its foothold in as it as already been conquered by him. Many martyrs will arise from this church. However, many if not all have accepted the teachings and doctrines of Rome. Many have been influenced by the doctrines of demons and men. They have also gone into the deep end us many in this church have fornicated with idols and have become apostate. But to those who are faithful, they will be giving a stone of ownership and sonship with me and d will be giving a brand new name with brand new identities as they are a royal citizen of my kingdom. They will be etched in my glory. To those who still hold on to the doctrine of balam and balak. You must be paint else I will come with a sword and court you down to pieces.

4. To the church in Thyatira: this is the church of sorceress and witches. They are diligence and faithful just like Ephesus and they have a heart right for me. However, they are being corrupted by a sorceress who claims to be a prophetess. She is teaching many of my people how to Sacrifice to Idols and to follow religious dogmas and practices. She has no love for my church at all. She creates a coat of people who are and are following our belief system. She has distributedly to my people. My faithful ones she has persecuted with her lies. If I don’t deal with her, she will lead my people straight to hell. I will destroy her and expose her walks and deliver my people out of her. To those who still believe her, they will find themselves are missed the great tribulation bilation as they will miss my rapture of the saints.

5. To the church in Sardis: You are dead. You are completely dead to me. Your works are barren. There is nothing in me left in you. You have prided yourself with my glory. Now it’s no longer in you. You’re chasing after this world rather than chasing after me. You feed on breadcrumbs rather than you coming back to dine with me. You feed my people the food of pig swines and sacrifice them to idols and you think I do not see you. Come back to me now in humility before it is too late. Before I shock you all with my arrival and you are not prepared to meet me.

6. To the church in Philadelphia: you are a faithful bunch. You are holy. You are the church I would say welcome into my kingdom. You have loved me just as I have loved you. You have kept my commandments and you have kept yourself holy unto me. Therefore, I will write my name in your forehead and make you as in my kingdom,in my new Jerusalem. You have kept your garments clean and made yourselves prepared for my coming. Hence, I will reward you diligently for your service. You have been a light to the world and a model of righteousness to the nations. Hence, you will be remembered as kings and queens in my new kingdom. You have persevered towards me and have gone through the refiners fire earlier in your work with me. You were patient, joyous, loving, caring, uncondeming, uncontrolling, long suffering, and stoic. You have made me proud as your king and your father.

7. To the lukewarm Church: lukewarm, lukewarm you are. Nonchalant, non zealous, just winging its crowd. You are a lazy church. You do not care for me. You are double minded. Not hot no cold so stop not within or without. Just sitting on a fence. Choose now; are you with me or are you against me. Make up your mind. You cannot love this world and love me at the same time. If you still remain adamant in your ways, I will kick you out of my Tabernacle and you will be forced to fend for yourselves until you come back to me.
These are the declarations of the lord to the 7 churches. My children go back to this message and share it to whomever my spirit sends you to share. Dedicate more time to studying my words and listening to this prophet message. It will do you good. Intensify your prayers and supplications to me and I will hear you. I love you all my children.

Be blessed.

Your king,

Yahusha ha masheach.

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