To sanctify there is pain – Patti Young

To sanctify there is pain

Dec 28, 2019
Patti Young

I’ve had several words from the Lord today. This is one word I felt led to share. The Lord also said to me

“To sanctify there is pain.”

You see to be sanctified before a God that is Holy, it is a process. A process of the death to flesh by the cross. This is the ONLY way to rid the flesh of all its fleshly wants and desires. The flesh is and will always be an enemy of the Spirit of Truth. The bible tells us this. To be lifted up unto Gods throne in his heavenlies, walking in His Spirit realm is death to all you have known. We go from the known to the unknown, a complete walk of Faith, Trust and Obedience, fully yielding and surrendered. The ways of God and his kingdom are foreign to a land and nation built on flesh, carnal minds and desires. But, few seeds that God planted and are now coming to full maturity and fruitation, which have yielded to the Spirit out of their love for God, will soon be the cleansed, sanctified, spotless ones without blemish, His Bride to witness the coming of their King. Their lamps were kept full and they waited, believing and knowing that the one who is promised is faithful and true. May the will of the God, I AM be done in earth as it is in his heavens. Blessed be his name forevermore 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥❤

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