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To my End Time army and Bride – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

To my End Time army and Bride

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

Yes, daughter, I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Fear, not daughter of Zion, It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Today I have a message for my bride and the end-time army of my brave women and men of valour my chosen sanctified ones. I love you all very much. I am always interceding to the Father for you. My strong ones my pure children this message is for you. Not the lukewarm or wicked. All lukewarm and wicked will be left behind. Daughter, tell my people I have set them free. My people I want you to live in and at peace. I do not want you to live in fear. You do not need to fear anything but me with a holy terror. Bad fear is of the enemy and The fear of me is the beginning of wisdom. Tess, you are one of my willing vessels which I am speaking through. You are my end time warrior and treasure. To all of my remnant, I know the battle is difficult but you must endure to the end to be saved. The way to eternal life is narrow and difficult but well worth it in the end. My warriors listen up !!! Your commander is speaking!!!!. I am coming for you but this Earth is a testing ground for your faith the more attacks and trials you go through the stronger your faith is in me. I know how hard it is. When I walked this earth I had to fight my flesh every single day of my life leading up until physical death and my resurrection from the dead. My remnant, keep pursuing me. I am always with you in all your trials and problems. Give everything over to me I can heal, restore, strengthen, and build you into my masterpiece. Repent (Turn away from all sin) Surrender, Forgive all who wrong you, Live Holy and pleasing to me. You are saved by grace through faith. However, I expect you to separate yourselves from the filth of this fallen wicked, sinful world. You are to be in the world but not of it. You are the light of the world my bride. Time to Arise and Shine!!!!. My people the time to prepare yourselves for my return is NOW !! Time is up!!!. I am coming much sooner than most people think. My bride this is the time I wish to gather you unto myself. My End-time Army is bringing in a harvest of souls. To a lot of my bride, you are going through spiritual transitions and transformations. I am allowing you to go through the refiner’s fires to be cleansed and purified. Occupy until I come for you. I will continue to humble and draw you closer to me until I come for you and take you home to heaven with me. This the last generation of the church age (Age of Grace) and You are living in the end times. The time to wake up the Lukewarm is now !!!!. Remember my timing is not the same as yours. Share my gospel with the lost. My prayer warriors I am calling you to battle I uphold you and direct you with my righteous right hand. I lead you in paths of righteousness for my name’s sake. My people seek me on your knees as this is where I will answer your concerns and questions. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE, GET READY !!!!!!. I am outpouring my spirit upon all at this late hour. As the darkness and evil increases on the Earth and as it continues to reject and hate me, You, my holy ones become more bold and stronger in me your everlasting king. You are on the Earth for a time and a purpose then very soon I will bring you home. I will never leave or forsake you. Children choose me over this filthy world and all will be well with you. I AM COMING QUICKLY FOR THOSE WHO KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS AND WHO KNOW ME AND WHO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME. Stay strong my remnant


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