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To Every Man His Due And Just Reward: A Final Warning

November 14, 2018

My little ones,

Know ye not that the time spoken of is at hand when what goes up must come down? Likewise, shall what was down be brought up. I have determined such a time and place, and it is now that these will begin. A season of harvest can have extremes – very good or very bad, can it not? Likewise, shall many see what they expected not to receive, nor will it be ignored.

My little ones, I’ve called you to such a day as this when you will stand before Me and receive the kingdom. All is not lost, and I will reinstate what is needed now in this hour. O My people, called by My name, who humbled themselves to pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, who laid upon the altar of sacrifice what was required, I now repay.

For the just labor of sacrifice and for all that you’ve sown, for the time spent in places allowing Me to work,and following My every move, I now reward. Little ones, there was a price to pay, and you shied not away from it. Now shall you experience the abundance of rewards for your diligence.

O Israel, who turned away My prophets and shunned My messengers with scorn, who wickedly devised evil against his brother, and turned your back to Me, justice shall be your reward. For in your slaying of the righteous, you’ve heaped for yourselves far more than you can possibly know, but if you repent, I will receive you with open arms.

Hear ye, hear ye! As it is spoken from heaven, My words of warning now come into reality and shape what you have known it to be into a reality that aligns with Me. Now witness the happenings that will bring about the “on earth as it is in heaven.” This is a final warning, for already it begins. Come unto Me, I call out, in sincerity of heart that I may receive you, but will you?

Justice is served, even now, says the Father, and what was despised – My own, compliant of My Son’s sacrifice – shall be lifted up to their place of due reward. Them shall you see and know that they honored Me. Now shall the due and just be awarded to every man – what will you do?

Come to Me and offer your repentance, and I will save you, says the Father.

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