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To all the Subscribers and Messengers of the 444ProphecyNews site

June 5, 2020 3:15 PM

To all the subscribers and messengers of the Lord:

Recently I have been feeling led to put it out to the subscribers to donate to this 444ProphecyNews site. For weeks now I have been asking the Holy Spirit to tell me when He wanted me to do this. Yesterday I saw the name JONATHAN (just Jonathan) but I know that the Holy Spirit was referring to Jonathan Thieben the administrator of this site. So I’m putting this out to all the subscribers and messengers of the Lord to go before the Lord and ask Him if it is His will to donate to this site because I believe it is.

I signed up a little while ago and have been making a small monthly contribution and I believe it we all ‘gave’ a little of ourselves, it would be a blessing to this site which has blessed us beyond compare!

On 4.25.20 I shared a message I had received from the Lord back in 2008 with Jonathan. This is the message and my response:

I want my people to return to Me. So many of them have fallen away from My flock. The end of time is near and I am calling them back to Me. Your ministry will help to bring back the lost sheep…through your voice which will be my words that I will give to you…

One day your words will be heard (read) across the world.

(My words) I believe that through your 444ProphecyNews site His word is being heard around the world. I pray that more and more people come to your site as God is truly speaking to His people now more than ever.

Map Stats for 2020 as of July 18th
Pink = Visitors; Grey = No Visitors

Jonathan then sent me a map of the world [see above] and the colored markings which showed where people from all over have viewed this site. When I saw it I knew it was a confirmation that God’s message given over twelve years ago was coming to pass through the 444ProphecyNews site.

I think this says it all. Please take this before the Lord. I believe the Lord is speaking to many in this hour.


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If you are uncomfortable with those options.  You can send a check payable to Jonathan Theiben

Jonathan Theiben
Cisco, TX 76437


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  1. sozotoday

    Yes, I agree; this is a wonderful ministry to support. Value is determined by the price that is paid. Lets all show Jonathan that we value his work on 444.

  2. Cryptic1

    Amen. The Holy Spirit is leading this not me. I pray everyone search their hearts.

    In truth, many of the messages posted here would have no voice without this site. Something to think about.

    Thank you Jonathan.

  3. ATT

    Yes. I agree. it has been in my heart. THis is the only site I can trust. So many sites faded away.
    May GOD Protect this site. I supported now

  4. Truthistheway

    Yes! This was laid on my heart this morning!!

  5. cornelldebeer

    Amen! Thank you Cryptic1, can confirm!
    Wow Holy Spirit has put it on my heart as well. 🥀🥀 God please bless these amazing people.


  6. The Pen

    100% AGREE!

  7. Only A Grain Of Sand

    I also got it this week with the figure to send! PRAISE GOD Brothers & Sister!

  8. Cryptic1

    Thank you Holy Spirit for touching the hearts of these chosen ones. May you continue to touch the hearts of the many who are blessed by this ministry. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Let us continue to keep Jonathan and his ministry in prayer. He is literally carrying alI of us – the messengers who post on this site and the viewers who follow as well.

    I believe St Paul said it best…’Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ’. Maybe it’s time for the body of Christ to help ‘carry’ Jonathan as he has ‘carried’ us all these years. In Jesus name. Amen.

  9. sozotoday

    I have proved these verses to be true in my life. God is faithful to give seed to those who are willing to sow. 2 Corinthians 9:8-11 NASB And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed; 9 as it is written, “HE SCATTERED ABROAD, HE GAVE TO THE POOR, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS ENDURES FOREVER.” 10 Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; 11 you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God.

  10. Cryptic1

    It is the Holy Spirit who is speaking through me as I too had tears while posting my comments. It is the Spirit of God bearing witness to your faithfulness to this ministry.

  11. Donna Reed

    Yes!!! I am in agreement. GOD is SO good to His children, and I am very thankful for Jonathan’s site. So may GOD bless you with a 1000-fold return!! In Jesus’ Name 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  12. Armando felix

    Thank you brother Jonathan in name of Jesus Christ. You as Moses(draw out) the messages of the holy one of Israel to this site and for the world to see. Bless are you Lord God our Father in heaven. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens.
    Let your glory be over all the earth. Peace of Christ.

  13. Sarah

    I can’t donate anything, so I just wanted to express my appreciation for your time and the venue. May the Lord bless you, sir.

  14. LivingforGod

    Jonathan needs t get a lawyer to verify if the is a legitimate complaint with any foundation or an effort solely to extort money from an unsuspecting victim!

  15. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated money to me. I am beyond grateful! Its means a lot to my family and me.

  16. Lisa B Ward

    Another confirmation here. The Lord has given me the name ‘Jonathan’.
    Blessings to you brother and your family, so many of my visions are confirmed through your site. Thank you for all the time you dedicate to this ministry.

  17. I am so rejoicing that the Lord saw ahead to bless Jonathan and the ministry of 444 prophecy! I had NOT seen this post about supporting him, But on the same day this was posted-June 5th-the Lord said to donate to his ministry! haha! I had been blessed just a few days before. It’s just so funny that God built up Jonathan’s reserves right before the copyright infringement allegation!! Joy! What a good God he is!!! It’s funny in a way that the enemy attacked the prophetic community-does the devil not realize GOD sees ALL and will gird our loins for battle! Hallelujah! This is one reason I don’t use photos on my website. I don’t even subscribe to the places like shutterstock as I did when I was in the year long digital media course. Here’s an idea? What if we all play around with creating stuff and send it to Jonathan for him to keep in an ‘image bank’-with our permission so we can avoid this in the future? I’m sure there is no lack of talent here with the members. Surely. This site goes around the world! Praise God! This will give the talented artists a chance to bless the ministry and community by giving of what they have been given by God-creativity! 🙂 I continue to pray for this ministry and it’s community. Together we can do more than if we were alone. p.s. Sorry Jonathan that I get confused sometimes and click the approve for the wrong thing. I prefer to visit the site instead of get all the alerts for new words. It’s an inbox clutter thing that gets to me. So, sorry if it comes off confusing-that’s because it is for me sometimes. lol. I did not stop to read the fine print. 😉

  18. VENICE

    BEWARE jealous spiteful false prophet Swift Passage…

    he writes horrible things in the comment sections of his videos pertaining to the Bride of Christ here on 444 Prophecy News….he is loaded with demons….very worldly…..sad.

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