Times Up! – Sue Piccini

Sue Piccini

September 9, 2017

“ All the Books in the Bible, especially the New Testament Books have told you from generation to generation, of My coming and what the End of Days would look like. My people have heard and seen the Words that were written in My Book and they still do not see or hear or comprehend what is written. They still do not believe in Me, even though they have heard the Truth over and over again. This My Child, is why My judgment is now upon them and they will still not comprehend what is happening to them.

Today in the World will be Tribulation, sorrow, horror and terror. Many will suffer the rage of My Judgment and sooner than you think or understand, this Judgment will turn to My Fierce Wrath.

Time has come for all people of the Earth to see what they have done, by Mocking Me and not believing in Me, when I have told them over and over again that I am their God and I gave up My one and only Son to save them. My heart has been broken to many times and their Mocking of Me and My Son, will now stop. The Earth will be slowly destroyed and they will still wonder why and say that I do not love them.

My Children, My bride, do not get caught up in the things of this World, but be vigilant and awake to the things around you, be prepared for the judgment and know that I will be with you. Get ready to leave this Earth very soon, as My Angels have charge over you. Keep your eyes upon Me and make yourselves ready at all time for I could come at any second. My Judgment will take on many forms in the mountains, deserts, streams, towns and valley’s, but you My Children are to maintain vigilance and know that your time is near.”

Jeshua Ha Mashiach!

Times Up!


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