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TIMES UP! / Darkness is Coming – Nadia Isaac

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TIMES UP! / Darkness is Coming

Dream Journal July 2020

August 15, 2020 7:37 AM
Nadia Isaac

Dates Recived:

Dreams 1: July 12, 2020
Dream 2: July 22, 2020

1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

There is not a lot of time left at all, please make it right with God before it’s too late for the kingdom of God is at hand. I’m just sharing some more Rapture/Endtime dreams that I received last month (July) 2020, just giving you guys a heads up of what’s coming to the earth, so brace yourselves please. I’m not telling you guys this to become fearful, but to be prepared, and get your house in order. ” For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.


Dream: July 12th 2020:

I had a flash dream about all the Emergency Alert Systems flashing all over the world All at the same time of the incoming fireballs falling from the sky, Then I hear panic, fear, chaos and then I saw a clock ticking then I hear a voice saying “TIMES UP !” ‘”TIMES UP!”

Dream: July 22nd, 2020: I had another snapshot dream about the darkness that’s coming to the earth and in the dream there was NO light at all, it was so Dark, I could not see anything at ALL, not even my hands for how dark it was and then I hear “Darkness is Coming”. And then the same voice kept saying Repent, Repent , Repent and I kept saying in my dream that I have to tell everyone to warn them of what’s coming on the Earth because in my dream I somehow knew via (insight) and I could feel something evil (demons) lurking in the darkness , they was not just lurking, but they came with the darkness onto the entire earth, – basically the whole earth was covered in the Darkness and the creatures and the darkness spread in my dreams as it spread it enveloped the whole earth. I was just briefly shown a glimpse of what was lurking in the darkness by God just, so I can know why everyone was screaming and running around panicking and what we were up against and attacking people in my dream. For some reason,I had a knowing that it had something to do with the 3 Days of Darkness coming to Earth,then the dream switched then I saw the Number 4 (four) in the dream too then I woke up.

The number 4 in the Strong’s Concordance has two meanings one in Greek and one in Hebrew.

Greek 4: not burdensome
Hebrew 4 : fruit

I’m going to be honest, I’m not at all versed at prophetic numbers and their meanings or dream interpretations since I recently started seeing numbers in my dreams – it’s all new to me and also my end-time prophetic dreams I’m still learning.

Jesus is coming back very soon , Jesus wants to be the King of your Life and your Heart. He’s just a still small voice standing at the door of your heart knocking. Please share the post …Thanks for listening and God’s blessings.

1 Thessalonian 5:2:3
Matthew 12:39 -40
Rev 8:12

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  1. King

    4 is Hebrew letter Dalet ד which means door and Jesus

  2. Dawn

    4….could be the 4 corners of the earth? Given the context of your dream…most likely

  3. KE

    The 4 corners of the Earth… I was thinking about that as well…
    I had the same dreams. One about fireballs. And also a dream about a sudden darkness, and I could not see my hand when I held it in front of my face. God bless you. And He loves you. He will guide us through these dark days. Glory to Jeshua Hamasiah YHWH Jesus Christ.

  4. refugeandhidingplace

    I love this, it rings true with my spirit. God has spoke to me in numbers, dreams and interpitation for a long time. So, if I may add the insight that God has given me. The number 4 (four): your use of Strongs has it correct as well as the comment from ‘King’ (personally my best understanding is through Hebrew meanings of numbers), I will explain more in a moment.

    The 3 days of darkness will be horrifying for most people, BUT that experience will open the eyes of untold numbers of people to the reality of the unseen realm, both of the Lord and the enemy. In turn, that will open the door for believers to witness to the lost and lukewarm Christians and explain who the Lord REALY is.

    Back to your number 4, as you stated from Strongs, it will not be a BURDEN the those who truly know Jesus and it will produce more FRUIT than any moment in the history of the world due to the horrifying but eye-opening experience the world just went through. “King’s” comment of Dalet, which is a door, is spot on as this moment will open a huge door for preaching the gospel to the lost.

    As a side note, I’m happy to give you resources for interpreting numbers using the Hebrew understanding if you’re interested. Many use Strongs and regardless of which way you use, God will speak to us in the way we best hear, just pray for understanding. Ask God if you need my resources and if it’s a yes contact me.

    Thanks for posting this, it touched me
    Refuge and Hiding Place

  5. Julie

    In your opinion what should we do during the three days of darkness because I’ve heard stand doors and pray pray like never before

  6. Nadia Isaac

    Thanks so much guys , King, Refuge and Hiding Place, KE, that’s was so much help guys because i didn’t understand what the number 4 meant at all and the meanings from the Strong’s concordance, you guys made it clear to me what my dream was fully saying. Thanks again guys . And Julie, in my flash dream i only saw like the beginning of the coming darkness and a brief glimpse of the demons coming in the darkness to earth attacking people and that the darkness enveloped the whole Earth. I only got a snapshot dream is like a flash dream.

    From watching other Christians dreams that, have had full rapture dreams about the 3 days of darkness ,they say you’re are suppose to be in your home, and cover your windows with black garbage bags and no matter what you do don’t let anyone in your house after you’ve closed your doors , because demons will impersonate your loved ones to trick you to let them in or to try n let you go outside, and if you do they will attack you and kill you too don’t look out the window either because you will become possessed . they say your suppose to buy white candles n water and have enough food and have your bible and pray, and that God will visit you too on the 2nd day too. some say a huge storm will come and colorful lights in the sky the aurora borealis will occur all around the world at the same time before the 3 days of darkness happens. I’m not sure what else will happen in 3 days of Darkness, can someone please expound on the 3 days of darkness please thanks.

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