Time’s Up – Benjamin Faircloth

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday May 14, 2017
Time’s Up

“The hour of judgment is upon the land-yet man refuses to accept My Grace, He flaunts his sin day to day in My face. I offer My plan of Grace, yet he moves further and further from My will!

The fall of this nation has been sealed, by the blood of innocent blood, it has been revealed!

The stench of murder, sedition, and rebellion echoes in My courts, man has become a god unto himself. He has abandoned My laws and ways, he has made a kingdom unto himself. But I will correct his prideful rule with My hot rod of iron, fierce and swift will My judgement come, and few there will be who will stand strong! This is not an hour to relax and say’ “I’ve increased, look at my gain”, for surely in that day I will require of all men to pay!

Watch for you know not the hour or the day that My judgments will commence, but just as summer arrives, you know they are near!”

(Scripture reference: Isaiah 30)


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