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Timeless Wonders/ Righteous will Rise to the Top Like Cream

February 28, 2023 3:43 PM
Timeless Wonders

Each era there have been wonders that people have seen and experienced. The Red Sea parting, Azusa Street revival, Noah’s Ark and thousands and thousands of others that can certainly be categorized as “Timeless Wonders”.
Today, we are at the birth of a new era, a new wonder. Many of my chosen individuals will show my power through them. They will become the light and new wonder that will help to wake up the masses. These individuals have been set aside for my usage in these coming times. They are not anyone special, but they are the righteous and those who have followed my rules. They love me and put me over anything else in their lives. They are not self-driven but other-driven. They are fair in their ascertaining of situations and others; and have the capacity to know when they are wrong. Each of them has modelled their behavior from my sons walk upon the Earth. They have read my word and put it to work for others. They are not perfect but at least strive to do what is right. Each of them will have monumental tasks to achieve in the coming months. They will need to focus on me, at all times. We will work collectively to bring in the harvest. Our harvest will be plentiful. The light of each of these workers will cut through the darkness and make a path for the weary and confused to follow. There will be places of refuge that will be protected by me. Many will utilize these facilities in the coming years.

The Righteous will Raise to the Top Like Cream

The Holy Spirit has been firmly affixed to those who spend time in prayer. They are the ones that will be God’s light in the darkened world. They will be able to do God’s work upon this Earth. Every one of us are made to make a major difference in this world. We either sow righteousness or we sow discourse.
Righteousness rises to the top like cream and therefore is easy to separate from the tares. A righteous person will not lie, cheat, lust, steal or do the things that have been warned about in my book. Instead, they will stay on the straight and narrow road and separate themselves from others that are not of them or those not of me.
Time has run out.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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