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May 14, 2021 11:03 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Romans 10:14-18

Received May 14, 2021 9 PM

This evening after I finished participating in the Friday 4 PM (EST in U.S.) weekly gathering of the saints worldwide to be engaged in agreeing upon those items suggested the Lord spoke:

Tell my children that they are lazy and undisciplined. Many cry out to me only when they want something and the sooner the better. Their attitudes are disgusting because they think only of themselves and what they want versus what is good for them. Mind you, this is not directed to all my children but many, even many who think they are ready to meet my son! They are not ready! They have not sought my face nor to perform kingdom work. Look around you, there are so many dying before your eyes. People with no hope, others desperately confused and some that are so blind that they believe everything they hear. They are strictly operating on their fleshly desires and have no understanding of the spiritual realm!

How will they know unless someone tells them? I know you aren’t doing it. You are to afraid that you will anger them or they will think you are odd (many already think that so why should that even matter, I have called you and set you apart, the devil has already made them cagey), so you hope that by being quiet and not engaging they won’t have a grudge.

Do you want their blood on your hands? For surely as the sun rises, all are accountable to share the gospel. I said “Go and tell the world about the hope that is found in you”. How dare you keep my spiritual blessings and your heavenly salvation a secret because someone may say something unkind. You place your trust in temporary comfort instead of saving a life. Do you have any idea how wounding that is to me? Do you think my son only died for you?

How wicked is your heart that you can’t even spread the true joy of the world? It isn’t found in some pastor’s six steps to happiness or five steps to peace or any other nonsense. I AM the one and only one that saves.

People are searching for the truth. They are going to the world and believing in many false promises. The truth is easy but not if it isn’t presented.

My Son came to proclaim the abundant life found through his finished work on the cross that the sin debt would be paid only through his sacrifice. Yet, you are afraid to annoy a co-worker that doesn’t even have any play in your job performance? You can’t offer to pray for someone who’s hurting? How can you say you belong to me, when you deny me like Peter did before the cock crowed three times?

You can repent, the time is now. Do it and make a difference to those around you. Ask that your eyes be opened and you will see many opportunities before you. It may be a neighbor or the person next to you on the subway or it could be the clerk at the grocery store where you shop.

Take the time to make a difference, trust me to direct you how to share. Then just do it. Be brave. Ask me for the strength and the courage. Time is running out, some opportunities only come once, while others have been in place just awaiting for you to act.

Walk in faithfulness to your calling Beloved, Soon You will be coming home!


~Handmaid of the Most High ~ Acts 2:18,19 and Psalms 37:30


Romans 2:11

Romans 3:10-12

Acts 13:47

Ezekiel 3:17-19

Ezekiel 33:6

Note: Those who have not reviewed recent posts may be unaware that I continue to be harassed with computer attacks including destruction of several computers in the last 8 months. This most recent attack has shutdown many basic functions which includes being able to highlight, move paragraphs or sentences within a document, cut and paste, and otherwise interact. While this remains (I am praying for it to be reversed and God has done so at times in the past), I will be not included a great many scriptures. I have even wondered since this was very time consuming God has left things as they are? I am not sure as I have not been directed to the next step.

Meanwhile, beloved, the occult continues its harassment by stalking me, posing as me and making appt., interfering with person business and major theft of personal possessions in my home while I am out. I would be so grateful to the saints for prayer. This is very nasty.

Some may not know, that my arm was broken 2 years ago, 45 minutes after posting a prophecy. The hospitals and doctors made multiple very shocking errors in treatment and then my physical therapist broke it again 6 weeks later (I had been witnessing to her and the previous appt., she was very angry and told me she didn’t want to hear anymore!)! Surgery resulted and I did not have the anticipated recovery.

I was also recently involved in a car accident that very obviously was planned and though technically I was at fault, even the police saw it for what it was. After all these and other unmentioned interventions, I have asked the Lord to send someone else with these words. He has spoken that the many He has shared with refuse and though there are definitely faithful ones, who are speaking the truth, I am still under assignment at this time. Realize, you may be called up at any moment, or you already have and are not obedient. We are called to lift one another up. Believe me when I say, I do pray for all those who read my messages and the one’s, who are faithful to share prophetic messages. We are on the frontlines and do have to contend with many arrows. Likewise, Jonathan the host of this website is doing a great labor behind the scenes and needs prayer too. God Bless You, siblings.

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