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Time to say “Dry Bones Live” – Laura McClung

Gustave Doré engraving "The Vision of The Valley of The Dry Bones" - 1866

Time to say “Dry Bones Live”

June 22, 2020 1:54 PM
Laura McClung

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Time to Say “Dry Bones Live”

by Laura McClung, 6/22/20

You’ve given all that you can give, Time to say “Dry Bones Live.”
My people have been sifted like wheat, Time to come out of defeat.
Come out of strategic retreat, Off the milk and onto the meat.
Come to Me and grow, And I’ll show you things you don’t know.
You will have to stay connected, In order to be effective.
In Me are the answers, Against Satan’s prancers;
Where are my holy dancers? Where are my praisers?
The walls of Jericho fell down, Because of holy praise and prayer.
Where are My intercessors? Where are my interveners?
You have the power in Me, To set the captives free.
Sodom and Gomorrah fell in one day, Because one person did pray.
I need those who will stand in the gap, For the mainline church is taking a nap.
While demons on your door tap,
Prayer Warriors – WAKE UP AND ARISE! Separate yourselves from things I despise.
Look at things through My spiritual eyes, Be righteous in Me, and wise.
Fruit without gifts is useless, Gifts without fruit is useless.
Ask Me to fill you with all I have for you, Be open to Me for I am true.
You see, faith without works is dead, Evil will come if you hide under the bed.
For every knee shall bow to Me, And you will be with Me for eternity.
I will give you instruction, Against all of the corruption.
For evil comes across the land, When its people have their heads in the sand.
For righteousness you must stand, So I can heal your land.
For Me you must thirst, And if you put Me first,
All these things will be added unto you, See I walk with you and I carry you through.
I am not a God of confusion, I will act upon this intrusion.
You can’t say, “Well I’m not in it”, If you really want to win it.
There was and is a need for all slaves to be freed,
The poor must be free from the rich man’s greed, Time to harvest My Holy Seed.
It took Moses to act and pronounce, And each plague he did announce.
He for a time hid away, But then he was thrown into the politics of his day.
What would have happened if he did not obey?
The sorcerers were shamed and held at bay, And My power was displayed!
Let go of your doubt and fear, For I your God holds you dear, and I am not deaf that I cannot hear.
I am not blind that I cannot see, But you must act on My authority.
Take spiritual territory so others can come into My rest, So you can have My very best.
For I haven’t left you all alone, See your prayers can change the tone.
Nothing will be solved, If you don’t get involved.
So come to Me and pray, And I’ll show you the way.
Faith comes from hearing My Word, Not from listening to fake news and the absurd.
Those who are on their knees, I will give My keys.
My tongues (?) are assigned for those that believe, With My wisdom, evil cannot deceive.
You have not because you do not ask, Its time for you to be about My task.
Ask so I can give, Ask so you can live.
Help those that weep and mourn, Those who have been worn and torn;
Those that are oppressed and forlorn.
There is no battle fatigue for those who are in My league.
The answer is not isolation, The answer is devotion.
Its time for the harvest threshing, Come to Me for refreshing.
You must not debate, but you must re-rate (?) (relate) (?).
Drop the reprobate, Go to those who are waiting and then I will be abating.
When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Who you think you are, or who you are in Me?
Do you know your true identity? Do you know your destiny?
I will quicken those who are close to Me, Without a battle there is no Victory.
Quit using My love as an excuse for being inept, My promises are kept.
I don’t call my people to be stagnant, But I’m calling an ACTIVE REMNANT!
I died to give you the authority to enforce My purity (?).
To set the captives free, So keep your eyes on Me, For I love you so dearly.

SCRIPTURES: John 7:37-38; Matthew 28:18; 1 Peter chpt. 1; 1 Peter 2:1-4; 1 Cor 3:17-19; James 3:14-18; James chpts. 2 & 3
Hallelujah, thank you Lord!

(respectfully submitted by Averine on 6/23/20. Please verify from the audio for yourself the words I was unsure of which are indicated by (?). And, of course, the punctuation and all emphasis is a guess-timate. Thank you, Laura, for sharing this beautiful Word from our Lord.)




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