Time to Rise Up – Janice Sharp

Janice Sharp

Time to Rise Up


Yes, I will tell you that it is time to rise up and go to those I will lead you to. For I now come and will have you fulfil the destiny I have created for you. Do not let your fears keep you from fulfilling My plan for your life. For when they say “peace and safety”, then sudden destruction will come. There are many who have turned away from waiting for My Son because of false words and false dates. For I have said that the wisdom of man is folly. Your ways are not My ways, your thoughts are not My thoughts. Those that have made themselves ready through faith alone in My Son, who has fulfilled all of My commands. You can do nothing on your own, in your own strength. When you love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength, then I will carry you to where I have planned. Eye has not seen nor ear heard all that is in store for those that love Me. Yes My words are to you and for you to share with others. I will place you in My service as you have prayed. Do not doubt and do not fear.

There are those who will do everything in the power given to them by Satan, to drag you away from your destiny. I will not let you go daughter. Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest. Time to go My precious ones. Dust off the filth of your world and follow Me to paradise. There will be times of great trouble on the horizon for those who did not seek Me, who will be left to fight for their lives and souls. Great tribulation as has not been seen from the beginning until now. So many have fallen for the lies of the evil one and will do his bidding. He leads them through their own pride which has been honed in those who worship themselves.

Tell them that the number nine system is here and will be seen by all who dwell upon the earth and many are already looking at the heavens with fear and trepidation. When the technology of the fallen finally fails, the eyes of the people will bulge out in awe and fear at those things coming upon the earth. Now they will see the sun as it really is. They have kept many things hidden but I will reveal all. These ones will not be able to repent for they have followed their master to their own destinies of eternal torment. (the fallen and those doing their bidding)

Tell them I will not delay judgement any longer, for the bell tolls and the righteous will stand up to take their places. While the others will turn away their hardened hearts as they run and try to hide themselves from My wrath. NO MORE DELAY. I COME

Be ready My precious lambs and cry out for the lost. You will be changed in a twinkling of an eye at the last trump. My watchers are ready and will assist you in your journey.

Come to Me!

Your loving Father, Saviour and King, Yahushua

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