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TIME TO GO – Angela


December 5, 2021 1:10 AM

While praying and worshipping Yahshua in his Holy Place, I enter his glory gate as I normally do and I am greeted by my usher, Trudeau. He is kind & welcoming, so that I never feel bad when it’s been days between my visits. He has been my usher for awhile now. For the longest time, it never occurred to me to ask him for his name. It’s really fun to know and recognize him. Each time he helps me get into my robe of glory. My robe is adorned with 12 stones on the front breastplate. Overtime, it has been revealed to me that each stone represents the 12 tribes who are currently being transformed by Yahshua. The stones are more like jewels mentioned in revelation, because we are the Father’s treasure. We can cover more about this later. I am usually in a hurry because something intense is happening and my assistance in the matter is urgent to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today, much like many days, I am told by Trudeau that Yahshua wants to see me. I go down the hallway to the big open room where there are many individuals quietly submitted on their knees in prayer. There are many more there today than in my previous visits. Praises & Hallelujah! Those called to intercessory prayer meet here. If you are called to pray as a full time intercessor, thank you! We are all called to pray as this is needed for all of us in the kingdom of Heaven. I kneel and pray and as my Cup is filled, I get up and walk up the stairs to the right of this room, and head to the Father.

As I approach his throne, I see He is huge, I can’t see him, it’s vailed to me, but I can feel him there and see the bottom legs of his throne chair. Next to him, on his right is Yahshua. His light is so bright, I can see an outline of him only and it’s more of a feeling than sight, he is smiling. I bend down in front of Yahshua at his feet. Instantly, a bowl appears and I begin to wash his feet. They are Holy of course and when I touch him I am filling with his Spirit. He beings to speak to me, in my mind, I hear Daughter, it is time for you to go. I get up immediately knowing what this means, Yahshua takes my hand and walks me to my white Stallion. His name is Majestic and he lives up to his name. He is strong and beautiful. I ride him often into battle. Majestic reminds me of my great dane. He is a bit silly yet very loyal and dedicated. He likes to prance around and look proud just like my dane. This memory reminds me of home and the joy I feel there. I have learned over time to not dwell on anything other than what’s happening in my vision or it will immediately end. As I climb up on Majestic, my usher Trudeau hands me my sword and he takes my staff. I ride out.

I am riding for a minute or so enjoying the freedom of being on Majestic when I look to my left and there are many of us on horses. Then I look right and there is another line of horses and riders. I can feel this battle will be mighty. I begin to pick up speed. My eyes are watering from the speed of my horse. I can feel the breeze of the ocean near by and the smell of the salt enters my nostrils. It’s foggy, but I can hear the ocean waves beating the shoreline. I continue to ride. I see endless shoreline of sand. My vision clears and the sea parts in front of me just like in the days of Moses. My horse stop abruptly and I look around me. No one is moving, all riders have stopped. I begin to see people, literally lines of people standing at the sea’s edge. 100s if not 1000’s of people are standing and waiting. I know in my spirit, this is what I was born to do. I kick Majestic in the side and we take off riding into the parted sea. I can hear my other riders following as the horses are splashing through the ankle deep water. We are all riding as quickly as possible. We feel the urgency. As I look back, I see many riders I actually know. In fact, several riders are my own children and grandchildren. I begin to smile and instantly I have more energy and my face hurts from grinning. It dawns on me that not all my family is with us, I look to the shoreline. I see the people on the shore, they begin to follow us. They are walking in a long wide lane. I can see there are miles of people crossing the sea with us. It’s incredible. Everyone is excited! I can hear cheering, laughter and singing! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

When I turn for the last time, everyone is in the water crossing except for a small few. They are just standing on the shoreline, waiting. I begin to cry as I know everyone in the water is headed to the Promise land, the new Jerusalem. The water is beginning to close in the gap behind us. The ones just standing and watching on the shoreline, I instantly know in my spirit, they are afraid to enter the sea. They simply do not have enough faith to enter. In my spirit, I hear they have not completely surrendered their life to Christ. I keep riding. My vision ends.

I have tears running down my face. This vision, I just can’t shake it. The water represents “wrath” in God’s word. I pray each of you surrender everything to Yahshua, so you are not left standing on the shoreline when Judgment comes. Especially, when the Father has provided an escape to his Promise Land.

Please pray and take this to The Father for confirmation.
Praying without ceasing for those with not enough Faith to keep seeking and surrendering Yahshua.

Be Blessed

Your sister in Christ

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